Travel Diary in Sanya: Day 2

Sanya: Day 2 is up!! Day 2 at the Sofitel Sanya Leeman Resort was definitely a lot more fun….cause sis finally came! Read about Sanya: Day 1 here!


I started the morning checking out the buffet at the clubhouse and then went to the restaurant on level 2 which actually had the bigger breakfast buffet selection. I didn’t snap any pictures because I came with only five minutes before they stopped serving breakfast buffet so I had to be snappy.


After a filling breakfast buffet– I went back to my room to do some reading, blogging and even a short dip in the pool. I was able to do quite a bit before my sis arrived.


SISSSSSSSY!!!! Sis arrived at the resort a bit before 2pm…so you can bet we were both hungrrrrrrry.


We went to the Western restaurant and ordered some a la carte dishes. Sis ordered a Western style baked chicken while I went with the fragrant Hainan Chicken Rice (DYK Hainan Chicken Rice didn’t originate in Hainan- the dish actually originated from Malaysia!)


Nice, light and filling lunch! I demolished the entire thing as well as the strawberry milkshake lurking in the back right area.


We then went and explored the rest of the resort. Such great weather at that moment (the weekend had a few spurts of rain, thunder and showers.) Thanks Pernelle for this awesome trip!


So tranquil, peaceful and relaxing! A great chance for me to just recharge.


Around 5pm, I went back down to do some reading, (Eat, Pray, Love) some snacking, and sip on a few glasses of white wine at the clubhouse!


For dinner, we went back to the Chinese Restaurant, Hainan Pearl for a huge feast! We ordered a LOT.


Was a great second day in Sanya!!


Lots of <3, Jess