Travel Diary in Singapore: Day 3

Travel Diary in Singapore: Day 3! This was from the second last day of our awesome Bullet Films company trip 🙁 BOOOOOOOO, it’s almost over….WHY!? You can read about my Travel with Jess Singapore posts of Day 2 and Day 1 here!


Day 3 began with an early breakfast buffet at Hard Rock Hotel and then a Sister Selfie before…..


SWIMMING with dolphins!!!! OH WHAT!?! Yes. The dolphins were simply amazing and super smart! We basically get to touch, kiss (yup, I kissed a dolphin… 😉 more than a few times) and play with them. DYK dolphins sleep sideways! So the eyes facing into the water are actually opened and their eyes facing the sky are actually closed…It’s because they rest half of their brain at a time. Crazy. Dolphins can also jump as high as 20 feet out of the water!! It was amazing having this cool experience at Dolphin Island in Resort World Sentosa.


After a nice morning swim with the dolphins it was time for lunch! We were all pretty hungry. My stunning Abu and me <3 Love her to the moon and back! 🙂


We devoured the pizzas and other Italian dishes with the rest of the Bullet Films Family!


WEFIE time with Jie and my fave…JASMINE!!!! Makeup free, except for those eye brows. After lunch…people could choose to have free time, go to the casino, swim or…….go to the water park!!! Guess which one I chose?! 😉


The afternoon was such a blast! We rode on all the water slides at Adventure Cove waterpark! 


Laze-d about the Lazy River (while trying to soak everyone around us!)


And had a real splash with the Bullet Films Family!!! <3


After a quick shower, a change of clothes and hanging out in each others room…it was time for dinner!! ABU BU!!!!


We devoured these babies! #crabsforthewin and headed to the casino to test our luck before calling it a night!


Once again, thank you so so much Cissy Jie and Donnie Ge for making this Singapore trip soo soooooo unforgettable! 🙂


Lots of <3, Jess