TravelwithJess: A Day in Shanghai

Here’s another TravelwithJess post with A day in Shanghai. You can check out some of my other Shanghai Travel posts here and here. Recently I went back to my motherland…for those who don’t know- I’m half Shanghainese and ate up lots of local eats as well as some not so local ones. One afternoon we hit up TaoYuan Village in the district of Jing An (which actually serves local Taiwanese and Shanghainese breakfast dishes- which incidentally is my OTHER homeland- I’m half Taiwanese! Lol.

Feast your eyes on this baby. This is the salty soya milk豆浆 dish. Lots of youtiao 油条 (fried dough sticks) and other goodies packed in.

The space is super cute, clean and modern whipping up traditional Taiwanese and Shanghainese breakfast bites.

My cold and sweet soya milk 豆浆! Super good.

We split a whole lot (I didn’t even include all the food that we inhaled!) Here’s the signature sausage, youtiao, and egg rice roll and it was sooooooooo good. Extremely hearty, tasty and satisfying. I only wished it had a bit less rice and more of all the inside fillings.

We also shared a steamed meat bun.

This was another one of their signature dishes. The egg, bacon and lettuce wheat cake sandwich. At this point we were all incredibly full. We definitely over ordered because there was so much more coming….

We also tried this wheat cake version. This one featured egg and youtiao. Nice, filling and hearty. I liked the crunchy and crispy wheat cake sandwich.

Even though we were stuffed to the brim…..

We had to have some coffee!! We tried out Sumerian (which has often been said to offer the best coffee in Shanghai.) This coffee shop was completely packed with waves and waves of people coming in and out for some excellent roasted coffee and fresh pastries. It’s also pet friendly with great service. No wonder this place was a hit.

We tried out their signature iced coffee and a homemade oatmeal and chocolate chip cookie. It definitely was a great afternoon in Shanghai 🙂

TaoYuan Village |405 Taizhou Lu, near Yuyao Lu |泰州路405号, 近余姚路|135 6277 7917

Sumerian |415 Shanxi Bei Lu, near Beijing Xi Lu 陕西北路415号, 近北京西路 | 135 6475 5689

Lots of <3, Jess