Trendy meets Tradition. JANG!

Jang plans to change the way you feel, think and eat Korean food in Hong Kong. And it does. So when I was asked to come in for a tasting 🙂 My answer was simple. Yes! Jang is slick, modern and contemporary. The restaurant is situated on the 18th floor of the hip foodie dining building of the L Place. The same place that houses Mano (on the ground floor), Linguini Fini,The Salted Pig and 1968 Indonesian to name a few!

When you walk into the 18th floor- Jang is sleek and slick, glossy and fun, spacious and buzzy. Gone are the DIY table top grills for Korean BBQ. Back are the hearty stews, fresh meats, and delicious traditional Korean food with a twist. All the dishes come out in a dressed up version. Each dish is beautiful in detail, design and in taste! You’ll be surprised that each dish comes out fresh, made high quality and classic home-style Korean dishes. The people behind Jang really want diners to experience superb quality Korean cuisine in a more elegant setting. And, you really do! The food is fantastic and the restaurant is simple yet sophisticated. Great for dining in groups (they have a private room that holds upwards of 20 people-the entire restaurant can hold upwards of 100 hungry diners) or if your looking for something more fun- you can dine around the Jang open bar! 🙂


But first, Thanks so much Maxim’s for my Valentines Day cakes! 🙂 Get ready for a special VALENTINES DAY post!


Starters! Kimchi Tofu, Kimchi (Love these spicy, hot cabbages), Spinach, lightly sauteed mushrooms (these were light, juicy and flavourful), and pickled radishes and potatoes! 🙂


JANG Salad Special | Dak Twi Gim Salad | Deep-Fried Chicken Fillet Salad w/ Spicy Soy Sauce | $108 | The deep fried chicken filet was scrumptious, crispy and and crunchy. The chicken was plump, juicy and tender. The outer crust was terrific! The slightly spicy dressing gave this salad the kick it needed! YUM


Still Water! 🙂 And then….


KOREAN SAKE! Light, refreshing and sharp! It complemented all the Korean dishes perfectly.


Jang Main Special | Yook Hwe | Korean Beef Tartare w/ Sweet Soy Sauce Dressing | $198 | All of Jang’s meat dishes are marinated for over 48 hours. Except for the beef tartare since it was raw- it was marinated for 24 hours..and boy, was it good!!! The beef is high quality and very fresh, slightly spicy yet sweet (from the sweet pear)! Soooooo good. Mixed in with the raw egg yolk, minced onion and sesame seeds! IMG_3251

Jang BBQ Special | Maeun Hang Jeong Sal Gooi | Grilled Spicy Barbecue Pork Neck | $188 | The pork neck came out on a sizzling plate- all drenched in JANG’s special secret sauce. The pork neck was tender, sizzling hot, spicy and sweet. It was the best mix of sweet and savoury. Definitely well seasoned…especially the homemade bean dip! 🙂


Jang Pancake Special | Bin Dae Dduk | Mung Bean Pancake w/ Bean Sprout, Kimchi, Tofu, Pork Meat | $128 | (Along w/ Squash tempura lightly fried in egg white batter). The pork pancake was more like a pork meatball, which had a very homestyle feel, taste, and make to it! The egg white tempura pumpkin was light and lightly fried, this dish is especially made for VDAY! So look out for it! 🙂


Jang Main Special | Goong Joong Gal Bi Jjim | Braised Short Ribs w/ Assorted Vegetables in Sweet Soy Sauce | $228 | The braised short rib came out piping hot! It was soft, tender, succulent and I loveeeeed the luscious rich marinated ribs! It was awesome! My favourite dish…I think! 😉 They were all pretty darn good! Very hard to pick a favourite.


Jang Soup Special | Dduk Man Doo Gook | Pork Dumplings & Rice Cake w/ Vegetable Stock | $168 | This dumpling soup was a favourite for us both! It was fresh, flavourful and the vegetable stock was very flavourful! I loved the juicy pork dumplings and smooth rice cakes! Slurped this right up.


Close up of the succulent, plump and juicy dumplings! There’s a lot to go around!! 🙂 Happy stomach.


Various Rice Desserts! 🙂 I especially loved the fried rice dessert w/ minced pine nuts over the fried rice ball! The rice dumpling was light, sweet and refreshing!! Just the right amount for dessert! Stuffed in just the right way! 🙂 Perfect ending. Will definitely be back to try out their weekly specials/lunch sets!

Jang | 18/Floor, The L Place, 139 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong | 2412 0002

<3 Always, Jess