Triple O’s …King of Burgers?

I’m from sunny California- where the people are known for loving living off hamburgers. I’m not going to say I’m one of those people…but boy, do I like a good burger once in a while. I moved over from California a little over 3 years ago and don’t get me wrong- no complaints here on all the foodie goodness this city has to offer. But a mere few months into my move..I started craving a juicy, hearty, thick burger. And, when I asked my cousins for a good recommendation- they gave me one burger joint they could think of.

Triple O’s …and get the poutine fries” C said…”OH! Jess, don’t forget to order the milkshakes! You have to try the milkshakes!” Y added


Milkshakes courtesy of Triple O’s Hong Kong.

Here’s the 411 on this burger chain. Triple O’s was founded in Vancouver, BC in 1928. The brainy people over at Bite Limited (those people are also responsible for my froyo love addiction- Yo Mama(post), and IFC Gourmet Sandwich eatery- Panino Giusto (post) decided to bring this chain over to Hong Kong a few years back and the rest is history!! Now theres 6 Burger outlets all situated throughout Hong Kong bringing hungry HK-ers top quality food, grilling up 100% pure beef patty’s! The newest burger joint just opened up in foodie haven of Tai Hang…


Now, living in Hong Kong I can happily say I’ve been to Triple O’s quite a few times. Waiting before a casting, hungry after a casting, just craving a big juicy burger, slurping a milkshake or having Triple O’s for an early breakfast (you heard me- I’ve had it for breakfast!)

However, I never seemed to blog or take too many pictures (been slurping it up too fast) about it…I’ve documented a few times…but mostly..I’ll let Triple O’s do its own talking!


Curly Fries after finishing up a casting! Had the munchies:) Who could resist these deep fried potatoes with a twist! It makes all the difference….and they also have onion rings! 😀


One random early morning sis, Yu Jie and I grabbed this delightful breakfast. Sis had the fried chicken, Irene and I both went for the Sunny Start Burger and we split the thick cut steak fries!!! Everyone has always said “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!”


What a delicious morning! A Breakfast Burger with a Fried egg, crispy bacon, melted cheese & Triple “O” sauce on a toasted bun! Just look at that melted cheese atop a soft yet crispy fluffy burger bun!


And last but not least… Mushroom Burger Combo- 100% pure beef patty topped with fresh sautéed mushrooms!!! SOOO Darn Good! I know what I’m having for lunch!

Triple O’s, Unit 009, Level LG1, Great Food Hall, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong, 2873 4000

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<3 Always Jess