VEA Dazzles at The Wellington

VEA sits prettily on the very tip of the new high-rise The Wellington building. Taking up the top two floors of the building, VEA dazzles at the restaurant and shines at the bar/lounge. Chef Vicky Cheng of Liberty Private Works and master Mixologist Antonio Lai of Quinary, The Envoy and Ori-gin (to name a few) head up this spectacle. I went one evening (sorry, for such a late post: things have been crazy busy on the work front) to test out the buzzy restaurant. The space is beautiful. Gigantic marble tabletops and golden bronze accents all around the intimate dining room area (housing 3 open kitchen areas and seating roughly 40 people!)

The menu is simple. You get one choice. An extravagant 8 course tasting menu at HK$1280 per person, with an option of going with the wine/cocktail pairing for an additional HK$680. I went with the cocktail pairing. 😉


We started with this simple and delicious snack of chicken liver on a paper thin crispy chicken skin. 🙂 Loved the mix between the smooth and complex chicken liver on the oh so good, crunchy chicken skin.


Next up were the baby clams with chili black bean paste over a razor thin crisp tart. In my honest opinion, I thought these baby clams were a bit on the under seasoned side since I love eating clams.


Smoked Quail Eggs! These babies had such a smooth finish and packed a powerful punch.


Here comes the first cocktail of the night. Dashi Cucumber cocktail with lemon and vodka. This was refreshing and light- perfect way to start the night off.


#stolemyheart <3 I loved this. The presentation, the taste and the plate. Yeah, you heard me right. Let me first start with the plate thing. The plate was completely made out of ice at -12 degrees (so COOL – literally and figuratively speaking.) The taste of the tuna, hokkaido uni, espelette, and burnt cucumber jelly was revitalizing, tantalizing and oh so fresh. I couldn’t get enough of it. The presentation, well just look at how stunning and pretty this dish is. <3


Hello darling.


Second cocktail of the night Goji Lemon | Lemon leaves, vodka. 


Abalone | Goji Berry, Chanterelle, Shirako and Abalone Jus Risotto <3 The abalone is cooked using the sous-vide cooking method- slow cooked in a vacuumed bag to seal in all of the taste. I liked the subtle sweet goji berries which helped bring out the savory taste of the abalone. The risotto and abalone both had great texture and was chock full of flavor.


Pinot Noir Agave | Lemon, carbonation. Simple, bubbly and absolutely refreshing!


Langoustine | salisify, fennel, custard apple. This was lovely, sweet and savory. The creamed custard apple sauce went really well with the rich langoustine. I could’ve licked up the entire plate clean- but that’s not really lady like. 😉


Shitake | Whiskey, consomme. I couldn’t get enough of this one! I was a bit confused at first when it was being introduced. “Did I hear correctly? Shiitake mushroom and whiskey?” Mind Blown. I l0veeeeeeed this hot whiskey drink. The smokiness of the shiitake mushroom made this drink superb. I finished every last drop. At this point I was quiteeee tipsy.


Egg | Truffle, parmesan and caviar. Sooooo purty. I love eggs!! Just look at the presentation of this work of art. Oh boy, I just wanted to dig right in…but I won’t because…


It comes with homemade Chinese crullers (to soak up every bit of that awesome sauce.)


And we had to wait for this- a drizzle of white truffle!


A very generous drizzle of white truffle over the creamy egg dish!! #wahhhhhhomg 😀 This dish was spectacular. Once you pop the delicate pasta skin and egg- a rich and velvety orange yolk bursts out and mix, mix, mix. #Eggporn to the max. Let’s just take a last look at all that white truffle.

(I’m missing the Hazelnut cocktail with milk and creme de cassis! The picture was out of focus. My bad!)


Pigeon | celeriac, black truffle and hazelnut. The pigeon was tender and delicate. A little small in portion size but I thought it was rather tasty. I liked the simple and clean taste of the moist pigeon even without all the accompanying sauces and sides.


Tea Longan | Oolong, honey and rum. Clean and sweet!


Wagyu | Black garlic, tomato, and gingko nuts. I was most excited about the wagyu beef prepared two ways!! The wagyu was rather delicious, don’t get me wrong- but maybe I over hyped it in my head and was a little underwhelmed by it.


Rosehip Hibiscus | Apple, dehydrated citrus, gin. The cocktails are seriously to die for. I loved every single one of them!


Raspberry | Pistachio, lemon, meringue was the first dessert of the night. Loved the airy texture of the dehydrated raspberry meringue bits!


Ended the evening on such a high note. Milk Jam | shaved frozen salted duck egg and puffed quinoa. I adored this. The crunchy quinoa bits were delicious and addictive. This blewwwwwwww the other dessert out of the water.


Last but not least…


🙂 I do get it- I see what the buzz is all about. The food, drinks and atmosphere are top notch. It’s definitely worth coming- for a special occasion! Will be back to try out the drinks and bar snacks at the lounge on the 29th floor!

VEA29-30/F, The Wellington, 198 Wellington Street, Central | 2711 8639


 Lots of <3, Jess