The verdict on Kenjo (the original omakase in Hong Kong)

What’s the verdict on Kenjo (the original omakase in Hong Kong) ? I’m a big fan of Japanese food and I’m fortunate enough to eat at so many Japanese joints in HK. So does Kenjo earn a stop as one of the top Japanese omakase spots in HK? One of the Japanese restaurants I’ve always heard a great deal about was none other than one of the very first omakase spots to open in Hong Kong. The original Kenjo (they have two branches now) was established in 1998 and that spot is still opened and operating. I finally went in one day to try out the omakase menu. The spot is distinct and discreet on a side street called Minden Ave in busy Tsim Sha Tsui.


The spot has pretty much kept the original state- it’s a bit on the older side, but gives it some character. There’s wooden tables and chairs in a small open dining area as well as a bar and two private dining room areas.


After a small appetizer….Paper thin flounder sushi slices were served right before our eyes.


Fatty Tuna Belly (Otoro). This was insane. Look at that gorgeous marbling. The tuna was extremely rich, decadent and fatty. I learned from another sushi chef that with a good cut of otoro you can drench as much wasabi as you want (don’t go toooooo crazy with it though) and you won’t be able to taste the spicy wasabi sauce because the fattiness from the fatty tuna cuts it.


Amberjack sushi came next. It was a big serving but I didn’t really like the texture. The cuts at Kenjo are really big- you get the quantity but not exactly the best quality. Don’t get me wrong, it was still good but think I had too high expectations for this spot.


Grilled Scallop was perfection though. The grilled scallop was extremely juicy and tender on the inside and the outside was nicely grilled and charred. Completely devoured it!


Tuna Sushi was pretty good. The tuna slice was definitely simple, nice and sweet.


Bering Sea Cockle Sushi. I liked the simple taste, texture and crunch of this. Could have used with a little less rice.


Sea Urchin Sushi!!! Love the briny, creamy and sweet sea urchin…Always goooooooood.


Unagi Sushi. The eel was great and ridiculously soft. It practically melts in your mouth!


Last of the rice stuff was a Fatty Toro Roll. I really liked this one! Overall there were some hits and misses. I don’t know if I’ll be making a trek over but at least now I finally marked this off my Japanese restaurant bucket lists.


A hot steaming bowl of rich clam soup!! I prefer this over miso soup, any day. 😉


Finally, a uber sweet and fresh Japanese Honeydew slice for dessert!

Kenjo | G/F, 30 Minden Ave, Tsim Sha Tsui | 2369 8307 |


Lots of <3, Jess