Wagyu Kaiseki Den

Wagyu Kaiseki Den is an exclusive high end Japanese Kaiseki restaurant in Sheung Wan. Its the first Japanese restaurant in Hong Kong to earn a Michelin star and has since consecutively kept its Michelin star for the past 6 years! They’re the masterminds behind Rozan and Wagyu Takumi. Its just as pricey too. It set us back HKD$1888 a person for the omakase tasting menu which is a mix between the finest sushi, sashimi and hot foods. So…is it worth the price?


Best of the night. I’ll get to this heavenly beauty in a bit…but first…

I didn’t include all the pictures due to shaky hands, hungry stomach…but I’ll let you know what they were.


We started the evening with a sea bream marinated in Kelp flavoured sea urchin, red taro stem and slathered in a sweet and nutty sesame sauce. Look at how pretty that is.

Next came a Hot Egg Custard (not pictured) topped with Abalone tea beans in a seaweed sauce.


Next up was the plump and juicy Hairy Crab ‘wakame’ seaweed, vinegar and julienne. I gobbled up this refreshing appetizer.


The ‘Sudachi’ clear soup came next. But its not your typical “teapot soup.”


It was loaded with Conger-pike eel, sweet corn with shrimp dumplings, Matsutake mushrooms, gingko nuts and a Sudachi clear soup. I personally love ‘teapot soup’ and I absolutely loved the flavourful soup and devoured all its delicious seafood and veggies.


The Chef selection of sashimi and their selection of sushi (not pictured) came next! 8 pieces of the freshest sashimis and sushis.


We also had the Kinki Fish, lobster, white gourd, maitake, lotus root mochi and red maganji pepper, eggplant with Japanese ginger sauce. (Not pictured)


Can’t forget about the sake we drank! 🙂 Oh…but back to the food…


MY FAVOURITE!! Why I really wanted to come try this place….The Sea Urchin with Black Truffle Rice. Nothing else to say…but….


Look at those plump pieces of sweet sea urchin, loaded with lots of fragrant black truffle rice. You mix it into the clay pot rice…and I can NOT explain HOWWWWWWWWW AH-MAZING this smelled and tasted. I loved every little single bite of it. Amaze-balls!


Then the most mouth watering charcoal grilled wagyu tenderloin, sirloin and vegetables were served! I loved how juicy, plump and moist the tenderloin and sirloin were. There was also a subtle smokey hint that made it perfectly heavenly.

Last was the dessert: a coffee pudding with vanilla ice cream, warabi mochi cake and chestnut.

It was an amazing feast!! It definitely is expensive, but my gosh…this place is GOOD.

Wagyu Kaiseki Den | 263 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan | t: 2851 2820


<3 Always, Jess