Wagyu Takumi

🙂 I had a photoshoot/interview in the day…and had been preparing myself the days beforehand…eating light, exercising and sleeping well. So, you know what’s coming?! A FEAST. A Japanese and French fusion feast…so delicious, scrumptious and mouthwatering…my mouth was salivating as I was uploading the pictures and drafting this post….(drool, drool, drool).


Sneak peak of the photoshoot pictures 😉

Wagyu Takumi is the first and only restaurant in Hong Kong to provide French-Japanese fusion a top a charcoal grill. The team behind this amazing restaurant is also the group behind Wagyu Kaiseki Den, in Sheung Wan. As you walk into the private, hidden, small alley way in Wan Chai, through the practically hidden sliding doors…you see a gigantic open kitchen, grilling, charcoal station. I was fortunate enough to go during their soft opening period, and was 1 of the only 6 diners…the place is private…12 people max private. (This place is great for business, dates, or small private parties!)

Make sure you reserve…from the ‘deliciousness’ level of this place….I assure you, it will most definitely fill up fast.


An extravagant, carefully selected & delicious tasting menu especially crafted by critically acclaimed Chef Konishi!


Caviar; Carpaccio of Scallops & Lobster Jelly-Delicious, refreshingly cold, and the jelly melts as soon as it hits your tongue. Incredibly decadent..I loved this. The crisp crumble of the crouton, freshness of the seafood jelly is such a great mix of texture and simply put, divine!! EXCELLENT START.


Blend of strong caviar, jelly and refreshing plump lobster and scallops make it super fresh and a great blend of creamy and light mix!


Chef Konishi working his culinary magic on the grill. (A small group of sous chef’s 3-4 aid him).


Green Seaweed Soup w/ Clams & Turnip, Yuzu Flavor-a mini portion (think espresso sized). It’s hot. juicy, and savory. The clam is delicious and meaty w/ a tang of sweetness and Asian cuisine taste from the yuzu sauce along with a very condensed and clear clam, radish broth. MMMMM.


Mixed Seasonal Salad (Raw, Cooked & Puree)- Your most basic salad…a mix of raw and cooked veggies. It’s fresh, light, and minty. Tons of summer veggies like asparagus, cherry tomato, white + red radishes, yellow zucchini, spinach, brussel sprouts, snow peas and bok choy. My least favorite of the bunch…just a very simple, basic salad.


Deep Fried Frog Leg w/ Wheat Glue & Watercress Risotto- Came out piping hot and just a simple mix of creamy sauce and crunchy watercress. The frog leg was gently fried, perfectly firm, tender, juicy and flavorful.



King Crab Roll of Kadaifu Apple Flavor-This was soooooo good! It was deliciously CRUNCHY, crispy, semi sweet (apple taste) but light. Perfectly warm with jumbo juicy crab meat and dip in clear teriyaki soy dressing. Excellent fried outer layering….My God.


Teppanyaki Abalone & Lily Roots w/ Chorizo Sauce- I’m not a fan of abalone..But, let me tell you this was SOOOO good!!! A giant, plump, juicy and tender abalone that was soft and tender with fresh crispy lotuses. All atop a creamy white lotus mash that was whipped together with chorizo sauce (AMAZING. You can not go wrong with bacon flavored anything). The chorizo gives it a nice spicy kick, meaty, smokey taste, with hints of crisp bacon bits and fresh herbs…..My mouth is drooling.


Charcoal Grilled Omi Wagyu & French Pigeon Roast w/ Puree of Eggplant

Wagyu Beef- It had this reddish pink center, at the verge of bloody and cooked, and perfectly seared. However, it wasn’t fatty yet still so soft that it melts in your mouth. Tastes like meaty butter. And, you can dip it in 3 accompanying sauces: black pepper soy steak sauce (SO GOOD), clear light soy sauce with hints of green onion, or a simple dash of wasabi and salt.

Pigeon- The skin and pigeon meat is thin, tasty, and crispy, but like the wagyu- not fatty. The sauce is a smokey, soy creamy sauce that melts in your mouth. They really pay close attention to detail. Everything comes out perfectly and not a spot out of place. The eggplant mash is just as hearty and tasty! GOD, I loveeeee this place.


Eel Rice in Ochazuke Style– The rice comes scooped fresh from a stone pot w/ very thin mushroom pieces inside a hearty, rich seasoned rice. Then they add a separate seafood broth onto the eel rice. There’s two small lightly fried eel pieces (which was moist, rich and really had me wanting more). It tastes just like seared sashimi….all along a side of fresh Japanese pickles and radishes.


Strawberries & Lemon Cream w/ Rose Ice Cream- Loved it….the homemade rose ice cream tastes rich milky and creamy. (Eat it fast…cause it melts just as fast!) There’s peanut cake crumbles and the main attraction- a vertical waffle/crepe like egg roll encasing a lemon and strawberry sorbet-like foam. It literally stays all together until it crumbles together in your mouth. 🙂 Great finish to the night.


Calon-Segur….Mmmmm, pair it off with a nice glass of Red Wine!


Chef Konishi! Thank you so much! I loveeeeeeed this meal. It’s definitely going to be in my TOP lists of 2013…have you read my TOP in 2012 post. ;)

This Japanese, French fusion private kitchen is amazing! I really, really, REALLY highly recommend Wagyu Takumi! Every dish was amazing. I WILL BE BACK.

Wagyu Takumi, Shop 1, G/F, Oak Hill, 16 Wood Rd, Wan Chai; 2574 1299


Be Happy! 🙂 Enjoy the little things, folks! Happy Monday!! Here’s to a new, fruitful and productive week! Have a beautiful and blessed week!

<3 Always, Jess