What do you eat for HK$1,880 a person at 2 Michelin starred Ta Vie

Date night at 2 Michelin starred Ta Vie with KK! 🙂 This is a long overdue post but writing this up now is making my mouth water. KK and I went a while back when Ta Vie just got awarded their Michelin honors. The head chef is Hideaki Sato, the previous head chef at ICC’s top floor: Ryu Gin.

Ta Vie sits in the beautiful boutique hotel: The Pottinger, and brings French and Japanese cuisine into holy matrimony. 😉 Everything is “pure, simple and seasonal.” The menu constantly changes based on what’s fresh during the time you go dine there for. The only gripe is the price point and portion size. The set menu is HK$1,880 a person (and that’s without tallying what we ordered for drinking- lots of wine was consumed with this luxe meal.)

One of the highlights from this dinner was definitely this exquisite Wagyu beef. More on this later in the post.

Table setting and vibe.

The delicious homemade sourdough bread with freshly whipped churned butter was spot on. Devoured the whole piece…and asked for one more piece.

1st dish from the set menu was the Kegani crab and avocado cocktail w/ black vinegar sauce covered w/ chrysanthemum jelly. Just look at how pretty the presentation is. This dish left a pop of of sweet and sour that was extremely tasty.

2nd dish was the pan seared Hokkaido scallop with sesame dentelle brown butter anchovy sauce. The scallop was so flavorful and aromatic. Ate it right up!

3rd dish was the organic local beetroot with strawberry, homemade fresh cheese and black truffle. This was such an interesting mix of sweet and savory but somehow all the ingredients blended in quite well. Out of all the courses- this was my least favorite though. They seasoned the beetroot a bit too much.

4th up was the “Civet” braised abalone with abalone shell. Rich,  flavorful and let’s talk about that sauce. I practically licked it all up. Ok, I actually did do that.

5th dish was the pan seared lobster in a 10 years reserved Chinese yellow wine sauce. This lobster meat was sweet but the flavor was so savory and strong (from the Chinese yellow wine sauce!)

This was an additional treat the chef surprised us with. The sea urchin, a pesto sauce with a delicious homemade egg noodle pasta. LOVEEEEED it but wished there was more to it because after one or two bites- we devoured it. The pesto sauce had an Asian twist to it with a bit of spring onions, ginger and more.

6th was the Charcoal roasted Wagyu beef smoked with Hoba leaf and glazed with Aroma pepper sauce. BEFORE picture.

and voila….AFTER pic! 😀 This piece of wagyu beef was beyond amazing. So tender, rich and perfectly roasted. The middle was a deep medium rare and tasted divine. Definitely my favorite of the night.

Creme d’ Ange and mandarin sorbet under “Kamakura” snow igloo. Great refreshing ending.

We also had a fresh chestnuts Mont-Blanc with Pu’er tea ice cream and finished it off with a cup of their piping hot signature teas. Overall, the meal was DELICIOUS. It’s definitely a big splurge- as the meal for 2 ended up being more than HK$6,000– so be warned.

Ta Vie | The Pottinger, 21 Stanley Street, (tel:) 2668 6488

Peace, Jess #eatwithjess #seewithjess