What to do travel guide in Milan

A What to do travel guide in Milan …for first timers (LIKE myself. Yes, it was my first time in Italy….) Check out my other travel blog post here and post here.

Ahhhh what a glorious trip to Italy. After my sister’s beautiful wedding in London (I’ll do a post a bit later on that)…we set off for a week in Italy. Starting with 3 days in Milan. We got into Milan around 4pm and set off to our hotel. We took it easy the first night and went for a lovely authentic dinner at a family run hole in the wall spot and loved every single bit(e) of it.

After a great night’s rest, I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. We headed out for a day packed with food, drinks, sightseeing and LOTS AND LOTS of walking. My poor feet….we reached over 15k steps in one day.

11am – We went to the popular Brera district full of hip galleries, restaurants and lots of shopping.

11:20am – After a small stroll we sat down at one of the more popular restaurants and enjoyed an early lunch. Thanks to my laser hair removal treatments at Cosmetic Central I can walk around in my shorts carefree throughout the entire trip.

12pm – “Cheers to the Beers!” Haha. We sat down early so we were able to get seats and as we left, this place started getting very packed.

Of course we had to order Veal Milanese… 😉

1:30pm – After a very hearty Italian meal…we walked ALL the way (a good 20 minutes walk and a small coffee break) to our meeting spot for our guided tour!! I highly suggest doing a guided tour in any new city. You discover and learn so much more.

2:15pm – Thanks KK for the excellent planning! We first got to see Leonardo Da Vinci’s late 15th century masterpiece: The Last Supper housed at Santa Maria delle Grazie.

Reminder – you need to book tickets in advance. Only 20 to 25 people are allowed in at a time in blocks of 15 minutes.

3:00pm – We walked all the way to Castello Sforzesco di Milano and learned a lot about Visconti rule and the history of Milan.

3:45pm – Next up was the Duomo Milano and it was simply gorgeous to see up close. The Duomo which means Cathedral took over 600 years to complete and the outer layer is made up of marble. If you go at different times of the day, it will shine differently.

4:00pm – We then went into Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II – a grand luxe shopping complex.

4:10pm – I waited to get my chance to step on the Bull’s balls in the Galleria. The tradition is to spin on your heels counterclockwise for good luck! I’m not the most superstitious person but hey, it was worth a spin 🙂

We saw the outside of La Scala (the famed opera house in Milan) before calling it a GREAT afternoon with the guided tour. We first grabbed a drink at the original Campari restaurant(in the Galleria) before going back to the hotel to rest for a bit before dinner.

6:10pm – I went up to the Hotel’s rooftop bar to catch up with Mandy! She was also visiting Milan after my sister’s wedding and what a nice catch up it was.

7:45pm – We ended our night at Langosteria. You can read my food blog post on that too. The restaurant is a little bit out of the city center but a must try. The seafood was spectacular! 🙂

Lots of <3, Jess