What to do your first day in Phuket, Thailand!

Hey everyone! I’m back in Hong Kong from my mini break in Phuket, Thailand….and this time it was all just for fun (but don’t worry- still got a lot of work done during this vacay!) The last two times to Thailand was both for work- social media work in Phuket and filming Kickboxer: Retaliation in Bangkok!!

Here’s a look into our first full day in Phuket Thailand at the beautiful Renaissance Resort. This trip was all about Janice- to celebrate my sis’ big bday! 🙂 Love you jie.

9:30am: Meet downstairs at the buffet area for a decadent breakfast. This crab meat eggs benedict was pretty good. A lot of ice cream was also consumed during breakfast this morning (and the next few days!)

1pm: Hungry again and back at Loca/Vore for a quick lunch, some more coffee while working away on the computer. Say hello to my parents! They’re off for a little stroll around the resort.

1:20pm: Lunch is served and demolished. Stir fry pork with green beans and basil…soooooo good.

1:25pm: Also had some of this. The green chicken curry looked better than it tasted- on the bland side.

4:05pm: We signed up for a bike discovery tour. Our guide Golf took us out and about for an adventure around Phuket. #legsweremushhhhhh

5pm: Exploring around Phuket on our bike trip! A sea of trees and only one sprang out a bloom of beautiful white orchids!

5:10pm: Taking in this beautiful view. #Sorelaxing

5:11pm: Still taking in this beautiful view. 😉

5:15pm: This was a tad scary. We fed the fishes in this beautiful secluded pond- and so many giant (and yes they were giant) cat fishes were fighting for the fish food! Look at that crazy swarm.

5:20pm: Gotta head back to our resort!

 6pm: Just in time for Magic (half an) hour! For thirty minutes our hotel offers free cocktails

7pm: After a quick shower and a little refresher we were off to JW Marriot (a nearby resort) for dinner! Thai food at Ginja with everyone.

10pm: Terrific dinner and a perfect first full day in Phuket! 🙂

Lots of <3, Jess