World’s 50 Best Restaurants…

Have you been to some of them yet!? Every year..a list is compiled. (BTW.. Check out my new ‘Jess’ Lists’ section on the right hand side. Scroll down…and find lists of every type of cuisine, categories,..etc, you get the idea.)

Lets get back to the main topic….The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list is extremely prestigious. “The Diners Club® World’s 50 Best Restaurants Academy is the mechanism used to create The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list.” *Sounds very legitimate and slightly intimidating, if you ask me.* But this year...4 restaurants from Hong Kong made the list!! CONGRATSSSS!!! I’ve been to all 4…but 2 managed to slip the hands of my well documented iphone/canon camera! Which means…Otto e Mezzo (#39) I’m coming for ya & Caprice (#73)!!!

See my blog posts about these best restaurants below… 🙂 I sorta have a list too…Jess’ Top 13 list ;)


Amber (post) had the highest love (#36)…


I’ve been fortunate to dine at the luxurious Caprice!! 🙂 (#73)


This was amazing, Thick slices of black truffle, atop…..(What was it atop!?! Ok. I’m sorry.It’s been a tasted BOMB though! I need to do a post on this place. Caprice (#73)


Awesome Possum Dessert...Luscious Strawberries Dome Cake!! 🙂 Caprice (#73)


Lung King Heen (#75) A star studded dinner banquet for Sulwhasoo (post) with an equally amazing dinner feast prepared by the awesome Mr. Chan Yan Tak who helped make LKH the first and only 3-Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant in the world. (Now, that’s a real feat.)


My review of Four Season’s highly revered, Lung King Heen(post) (#75)

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