Cousins Dinner @ the infamous YARDBIRD!!! I’ve heard a ton about this place, so I was more than anxious to finally be able to try it.

So, here are the details-

1.Yardbird is opened from 6pm to midnight, closed on Sunday. (Packed to the brim-daily. Nightly. Well, except Sunday).

2. There’s a no reservations policy (Just like in a majority of NYC eateries-so do come early if you want a seat! By 7pm, this place was already bursting with famished diners AND the food runs out…so GO EARLY)!

3. Yardbird has a very loyal following (lines in the bar area, out the door, waiting for hours type of loyal foodie fans).

4. Chef Matt Abergel, is the former head chef at Zuma. He began his training in New York’s, Masa, an omakase sushi restaurant which once reined as the most expensive restaurant in the States (so your in very good and capable hands).

As you make your way inside the crowded restaurant- you see hordes of famished diners waiting anxiously for their table as well as the waiters dashing along the throngs of people as loud music is blasting throughout the hip eatery. If it wasn’t only 7pm- I would be thinking I mistakenly stepped into a very well and brightly lit club/bar with a heavy mouth watering aroma 😉

Yu Jie (above), Lu Ge *my cousin who was visiting HK for the FIRST TIME* and I first went for drinks and to try to secure a table (You can’t -before your whole group comes- their no reservation policy also requires the whole party to be there before they can seat you!) WHISKY LEMONADE- Nikka Whisky, Lemon Juice, Yuzushu, Soda HKD$90. Yu Jie and I both had 2 of these before dinner! They were delicious, refreshing and perfectly sweet!

The 3 of us also had the munchies *so as we patiently waited at the bar area* we ‘taste tested’ the – KFC – KOREAN FRIED CAULIFLOWER yuzu, chili. The KFC’s were cauliflowers coated in a light batter w/ some spicy, sweet and saucy then deep fried and finished off with a generous sprinkles of sesame! The sauce reminds me of a “sweet and sour chicken”. This did the trick for humbling our grumbling tummies.

Jie quickly joined us after work! RUMBLING TUMMIES

Silly pictures before dinner!! 😀 (Cell phone pictures….hmmmm…huge difference)

We finally acquired a table and the FEAST began!

Sweet Corn Tempura- salt, pepper The corn kernels were large, plump and sweet! Deep fried corn with a dash of salt and pepper = perfection. Nothing like any tempura dish I’ve ever had. These were first to arrive…and seconds passed as they were devoured.

Yardbird Caesar, crispy anchovy, miso salad-  It’s definitely not your standard caesar salad. It was a burst of flavors! Surprisingly good…but VERY salty. Water chugging inducing 😉

Clams (Chef’s Special of the Day)-This was just ordinary for me. The clams were decent! But nothing spectacular. The broth/soup was really strong and flavourful- just not my cup of tea.

Chicken gizzards-garlic, olive oil- OH MY. We’re getting to the good stuff now. Crispy garlic pieces drizzled over JUICY, TENDER chicken gizzards (actually ALL the chicken was really juicy, tender…MMMM- being a vegetarian would be a huge problem for me 😉 I kid. I kid)

Japanese Pickles- Cucumber, ginger, daikon, kimchi, napa fennel, yuzu- I was definitely fond of this. My stomach was aching for veggies…I’ll take what I can get. Slightly sweet, tangy and refreshing cucumbers… 🙂 nice and light (except those dangerously delicious deep fried ginger pieces). 😉


Chicken Thigh, welsh onion, tare– Finally some garish that wasn’t deep fried! The thigh was rather moist and along with the glaze of raw welsh onion. It was a good mix of flavours!

Chicken Wings, sea salt, shichimi -These wings had a nice, crispy skin to it!

Chicken tail, sea salt & pepper- I’m starting to have a hard time distinguishing chicken parts 😉 But this tail was juicy and chewy.

Deep Fried Eggs (Special)-Drenched in mayo sauce… the outer layer was deep fried w/ a texture much like chicken katsu. If these came out earlier…it would have been a standout for me. But I have to say..the egg yolk was DIVINE. It was perfectly soft boiled. Slightly jelly-like still! MY FAVORITE egg yolk type! 😀

This side of the table… ME, Lu Ge, and Yu Jie- We are STUFFED BEYOND BELIEF. Chicken OVERLOAD…..Sake was also consumed during dinner.

Chicken oysters, seat salt & lemon– To be honest, towards the end…everything started tasting the same…chicken, chicken and more chicken.  I didn’t have chicken for a week.

Meatball-tare, egg yolk- WE WERE STUFFED BY THIS  POINT ( As in hardly able to drink another sip of water-types. So in the to-go box you go) However I did hear these were one of the crowning glories of Yardbird (so perhaps I do need to make a return trip).


The food was fairly good. Definitely overhyped and overpriced, service was good (the friendly and enthusiastic staff definitely knows their stuff) but it was just a lot, TOO MUCH chicken for me.  😛 However, this company definitely makes it more than worth it. LOVEEEEEEES <3 Nothing gets better than this.


Yardbird 2547 9273

33-35 Bridges Street
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

<3 Always, Jess