Yo Mama! Fro-tastic Froyo!

The Hong Kong frozen yogurt craze is anything but a passing phase. Especially with Hong Kong’s fun, fast and fro-tastic Yo Mama  fro-yo chain. Yo Mama bursted onto the scene in 2008 from the same people who brought you the hamburific Canadian burger chain, Triple O’s Burgers.  Bite Limited has since built themselves quite the impressive foodie empire. Having huge stakes in the fast food empire- Triple O’s as well as 7 Yo Mama stores and recently opening up gourmet sandwich eatery- Panino Guisto (post) in IFC.


Here I am frequenting the Queensway branch a while back!!! Nom Nom!

I went to the Star Street branch the other night and boy was the fro yo as good as I remembered. Yo Mama has two classic staples– Original and Green Tea Froyo and they also offer a special feature flavour at certain outlets. Yo Mama is perfect for those wanting to indulge without all the extra calories from ice cream. It’s a healthier alternative too. Packed with live cultures, good source of calcium and good for digestion…..And its just so darn good! 🙂 They offer more than 20 dry toppings as well as fresh fruit toppings! Easily satisfying every taste bud craving!!


The weather’s been getting cold- but nothing stops hungry diners from having this cholesterol-free, low-calorie dessert treat! Cheese flavoured greek yogurt was the special feature flavour! I had a sample and was it good! Sharp, creamy, and a refreshing after taste of the sweet cheese flavour!! So good..but I’m a fan of the original.


Yo Mama frozen yogurt is the quintessential low calorie dessert. Just beware of the toppings! Here’s some of the dried toppings you could have!!! YUMMMM!


A, went with the Regular Original Flavour with Frosties and Oreo Chunks. Mmmmm


I went with a Large Original with 1 side of Kiwis!!! SOOOO GOOD!


I can’t get over the deliciousness of Yo Mama’s froyo! The original flavour is tarty, sweet, luscious and creamy. It has the perfect balance of sour and sweet. Love Love Love Love it! I could definitely replace this as a meal. I’d easily have it every day! But then again- thats what makes it so good. Everything in moderation! 🙂 Now go get your fro-yo on!

Yo MaMa16 Wing Fung Street, (Star Street/beside Pacific place) Wanchai, Hong Kong, 2865 5600, Various Store Locations throughout Hong Kong

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<3 Always, Jess