Yu Jie!

March 27th is no ordinary day. Today is my cousin Yu Jie’s birthday. If you know her, wish her a happy birthday, if you don’t …wish her one anyway!? 🙂 And, if you know me..then you know I pretty much follow…

Five F’s

1)Food (post) *Cmmn, food blog*

2)Friends(post) *Thanks you guys*

3)Fun(post) *I’m extremely blessed. I love my life.

4)Faith(post) * 🙂 *

5)Family(post). Who are my everything.

One of those people who mean ‘everything‘ to me…is the birthday girl..Miss Irene Wang…or who I often call, Yu Jie in my posts (and in real life). Happy Birthday Yu Jie! Here’s to many many more birthdays filled with health, happiness and oh so much love.


We laugh…a lot.


We hug a lot. I’ve also been fortunate to be roomies with her for 2 years! 🙂


We dress alike the same. Completely and absolutely coincidental too, might I add. ‘There really are no coincidences in life’.


I’ve honestly grown so much from these 2 amazing and beautiful women. (Yu Jie + Cissy Jie Sandwich!) Thank you so much.


I’ve never imagined learning so much from these 3 women. Women who inspire, admire and aspire to be like.


To these truly extraordinary, courageous, breathtaking, (the list is too long, but you get the idea) women. Aunties, mom, and abu…I love love love you all. And, I am counting down the days for our family reunion!!! See you all real soon.

happiness-family-quotes-09 family_quotes-2



And, last but not least..Happy Birthday Yu Jie. I have loads I want to say and wish for you (but won’t put it for everyone to read). I just want to wish you an awesome birthday and cheers to a new chapter in your life. Happy Birthday!!! Love you and our fam to bits.

Have a very beautiful and blessed day.

<3 Always, Jess