Jan Jan KushiKatsu arrives in Hong Kong!

Jan Jan KushiKatsu is the first branch from the ever popular and growing KushiKatsu chain (they currently have 12 stores in operation) in Osaka and Tokyo, Japan. Jan Jan KushiKatsu arrives in Hong Kong! As you enter the Wan Chai restaurant you are immediately greeted by an enthusiastic group of people welcoming you into this fun and comfortable space. The space is nice and clean, simple bar seats around an open kitchen just like the ones in Japan (where you can see all the action right before your eyes) as well as two slightly more private dining areas. Alright, lets get to all the yummy food! The menu is quite large (perfect for satisfying all types of cravings) ranging from $20-$50 per skewer/item!


One of my favorite dishes of the night had to be the Chicken Karaage– which was DELICIOUS. This is a must order. The plump, big and juicy pieces of chicken were moist and tender on the inside while having an amazingly crunchy and crispy batter. I devoured these babies! Be careful though, they are HOT.


First up was the chilled tomato. Simple, clean and sweet. The menu has a terrific selection of fried meat, seafood and vegetable skewers. Don’t worry, Jan Jan Kushikatsu does offer more than just deep fried goodies. They also have a selection of your traditional grilled yakitori favorites, as well as cold and hot soba and udon noodles! Only thing I wished for was a bigger selection of the yakitori dishes!


We ordered an assortment of vegetables, meats, and seafood skewers and anxiously waited for our food to arrive- but fortunately they have an endless supply of cabbage and dipping sauce for you to nibble on!


Working hard on the chicken karaage!! It smelled heavenly. Sit at the open bar area for all the action, fun and amazing aroma….. 😉


Tamago came out piping hot! The smooth and velvety tamago bursted with flavor. It was so soft and creamy- I’m not exactly how they made this but I do know I need to find the recipe for it. I added a little bit of the Kushikatsu sauce for an added dose of tang and tart.


The Kushikatsu selection is unreal!!!! There were so many to choose from (I was so hungry that I didn’t snap pictures of all our food- but TRUST ME!!! It all smelled, looked and tasted AMAZING!!)


The Kiss Fish was a real stand out in my books, as well as the pork! The Kiss Fish pictured above had the lightest batter with a touch of sweetness that wrapped the delicious kiss fish inside. It was perfect. It didn’t even need any of the Kushikatsu dipping sauce. The pork was another delicious kushikatsu pick for me! I really liked the tender, juicy and moist pork bites!


The baby corn and shitake mushrooms were both delicious. Again, each of these veggies had a lightly fried batter that really helped enhance the taste and flavors of the veggies.


I loved the sweet honey marinade that glazed over these crispy chicken wings. We also demolished an assortment of other skewers like chicken with shiso maki, asparagus, curry rice, chicken meat balls and so much more. But, there were still sooooo many other things I wanted to try on the menu.


Hot Soba Noodles! Jan Jan Kushikatsu is great for a night out with friends where you can eat hearty, filling and comforting food (as well as drink your little heart out- they have a huge selection of alcoholic beverages, beers, and soft drinks.) Perfect for the current chilly Hong Kong weather! I’ll definitely be back!!

Jan Jan Kushikatsu |  2/F, 100 Queen’s Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong | 2157-1408 

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Lots of <3, Jess