Zurriola, the newly opened Italian fine dining experience. Located in The One in TST, it boasts one heck of a view as well as one heck of a meal! Up in the sky, on the 18th floor of the highest retail complex. Its a beaut of a place. Zurriola takes inspiration from La Rambla, a well-known street in Barcelona and offers diners contemporary Spanish tapas, pastas, “bomba” rices and many more. The Hong Kong restaurant was heavily influenced by 1 star Michelin Restaurant Zurriola in Tokyo. Occupying the 18th floor of The One is also sister and brother restaurants from the same group- Japanese fine dining Kyo-Shun and fun Spanish tapas bar Tapagria!


A meal with a view! Check out the light show happening in the background! 🙂


We went to the gorgeous private room in Zurriola to celebrate my beautiful auntie’s (in red) birthday! We didn’t do that on purpose!! In Red (auntie) White (mami) and Blue (me)….hmmmm which flag do you think we look like!? 🙂


Joselito Iberian “Bellota” ham, tomato and bread, 風乾48月西班牙伊比利亞黑毛豬火腿配特製蕃茄多士, 50g HK$320 / 100g HK$480: This hot mini little popper was packed with juice and full of flavor- 48 months iberico ham…oh yes! Spicy, sweet and all together good! IMG_3290

Mackerel confited cooking at 62ºC for 1minute, Spanish bell pepper sauce and green leaves, 一分鐘低溫煮日本鯖魚伴甜椒汁及沙律. HK$ 248: The mackerel was perfectly grilled. Salty, crispy skin, but on the oily side…Still it was incredibly tender and juicy. Loved the fresh taste of the spring salad mix. IMG_3295

Zurriola ‘s style seafood ravioli in bisque , 濃湯配海鮮雲吞. HK$ 230: This hot bisque…was absolutely superb. The plump and juicy seafood ravioli was delicious beyond belief. I loved everything about it. The sharp seafood taste, the delicate ravioli…goood goood goood!


Spanish Salmorejo soup, with avocado cream and Hokkaido sea urchin, 西班牙凍湯伴牛油果乳酪及日本海膽. HK$ 198. I went with the cold soup…a tangy gazpacho soup. Its creamy, rich, spicy, refreshing and amazing with the large sea urchin on top. IMG_3302

Char grilled octopus with potato cream, smoked Spanish paprika and vegetables, 炭烤章魚配香滑薯茸、煙燻西班牙辣椒粉及有機蔬菜. HK$ 230. This was my least favorite of the set starters, but was still very good! The octopus had a smokey, grilled, bbq flavour that mixed well with the whipped potato cream.


Foie gras coated in Spanish spiced crumbs, carrot cake and vinegar jelly, 香嫩鴨肝配秘製甘筍餅及陳年醋果凍. HK$ 250. OMG. I’m absolutely salvitating. This was sooooo good. The foie gras came out piping hot. The perfect mixture of creamy, rich, and fat. The crispy Spanish spiced crumbs was the perfect coating.


Char grilled Australia sirloin M7 with cherry vinegar flavours, roasted vegetables and romesco sauce, 炭烤澳洲M7和牛西冷配時令蔬菜及特製西班牙蕃茄甜椒汁. HK$ 450. Oh wait, I forgot about this. The char grilled Austrailian sirloin M7 was soooooooo buttery soft, it hardly required more than 4 bites before melting into your mouth. The Wagyu Beef was so delectable. Very very memorable.


Mojito granita with mint soup and white peach sorbet, 白香桃雪葩伴雞尾酒冰砂. This was such a nice refreshing end. We were sooooooo full up to this point. But- this had the perfect end.


Petit Fours! Chocolate galore.


What a fun night!! Love this beautiful lady and my fam bam! See you soon, mami!!

<3 Always, Jess