Beefing it up for Girls Night at BLUE!

Blue: Butcher and Meat Specialists is a revamp of Blue Butcher and you guessed it: specializing in a whole lotta BEEF! I recently stopped eating as much beef (seriously, I cut it down….a whole lot) but to celebrate my birthday- we went to the newly branded restaurant to eat my very intense craving of…BEEF. Thank you for having us over for a tasting dinner, Blue!

We started with Bone Marrow Brulée- Foie Gras, pickled red onion, HK$115/piece. This was extremely fatty. Two small scoops was all I could take. The foie gras was absolutely decadent in itself and then scooped and placed on top of the lightly sweet and buttery bone marrow made it ah-mazing.

Chicken Liver Mousse- Crispy corn, grilled crostini, HK$130. The chicken liver mousse was sweet, light and smooth and delivered such a nice punch.

Hokkaido Uni- Virgin olive caviar & burrata bruschetta, HK$280. The uni was magnificent (how can uni be anything less) but I wasn’t particularly a fan of this uni bruschetta though! I thought the first two starters were much better.

Rubia Gallega Beef Fat Candle-Sea salt, ciabatta, HK$135. 

I tried one of their signature cocktails and found it yummy and delightful!

The signature Heritage beef is originally from the UK and then aged in a custom Himalayan salt chamber which really brings out all the flavors of the rich beef out. Hand Cut Rib-Eye 14oz, HK$595. This was soooooo good. Eat it up while it’s hot! Not that it matters- it taste’s bloody good cold. The beef was tender, juicy and super filling.

Seasonal Wild Mushrooms w/ Creamed Black Truffles, HK$110. Incredibly flavorful!! We pretty much ate up every single bit. I’m not sure how they made this but the sauce was delicious and addictive.

Coal Roasted Vegetables, HK$80. 

Truffle Parmesan Fries, HK$90. Loved these! Ok, wait….these were super, super addictive with tons of garlic, pepper and oozing with black truffle.

Deconstructed Red Velvet Cake- Cream cheese ice cream, textures of raspberries, HK$115. The red velvet cake was a bit more on the dry side. I’d go for the dessert below instead!

Banana mousse- Caramelized pecan nuts, salty toffee foam, HK$110. This was superb! I loved this one. We gladly devoured the entire thing even though we were so full. It had the perfect balance between sweet and salty. Great ending!

Lots of <3, Jess