BEST in 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR, readers! 🙂 Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and successful 2015!!! I know, I have been MIA….but its because I’ve been visiting Cali (Disneyland old post), and I’ve been…alright- in the festive, lazy mode a bit more! 😉 But now…that its 2015- I’m ready for ACTION!!! More foodie, life and work blog posts comin’ at ya! 😀 So come back frequently, comment and READ, READ, READ!  Here’s also my TOP 2013 (list) , and TOP 2012 (list)!!

In no particular order (I give you a list of the BEST in Food in 2014 for moi! Some I posted about, and some I haven’t gotten around to just yet…but…HERE WE GO!)


Eatwithjess…The BEST Edition! (Above picture from Ryu Gin (post) this year- which also made my list for the top eats in 2013)


I loveeeeed my birthday dinner this year in Knutsford Terrace‘s newest omakase bar, HANABI, helmed by Chef Michael and Prive Group– LOOOOOOK at that uni!! (Okay, I apologize- there’s a lot of sea urchin dishes in my list!) 😉


Little Bao’s (post) creamy “Mac & Cheese” Steamed Rice Rolls, Menataiko Cheese Sauce definitely topped my list!


Caprice Bar’s (post) luxe ‘Everything’ cheese platter– best (yet pricey) happy hour, period.


Fish & Meat‘s luscious sea urchin, salmon roe, black squid ink linguini..OMG. Just look at that beauty.


Sushi Ginza Onodera’s omakase meal…look at the UNI (there will be a lot of uni on this list…I love me some creamy, sweet sea urchin)! They gave me an extra big portion….THANK YOU!!!!


I love this hidden speakeasy in the heart of the wet market in Central, 001. They have by far the best grilled cheese I’ve ever had. Recently they revamped the entire menu, as well their grilled cheese. Thank goodness- its still a winner! Yum.


The Principal’s (post) amazing set menu. This Wagyu, burnt onion, water cress, maxim potato blew my mind- the lamb was another winning dish, as well as pretty much anything else on the menu.


Lets take it back to Taipei (posts), for one of the BEST omakase meals I’ve had at Kitcho. The picture above is definitely one of the most interesting dishes I’ve had. A shot of live, swimming, clear fishes. It squirms, and twists down your throat. Would you guys try this?!


Rozan, located in Wan Chai is another amazing omakase meal…Blown away.


NUR: Nourishing Gastronomy (post), which received 1 Michelin Star this year- as well as my heart for their simple rendition on ‘Eggs & Grains’.


I recently went to Qian Dian in Shum Shui Po…Post coming soon. Some amazing spicy, hot authentic Gwai Zhou food!! WOW.


I definitely took for granted living in the States– because this Double Double In n Out Burger along with animal style fries has been on my mind ALL year. Double beef patty, cheese and grilled onions. OH MY.


Technically, I ventured to CHINO, located in Kennedy Town in 2015…BUT this place is BOMB. Go here for some delicious gourmet Mexican/Japanese fusion inspired dishes. This chicken & egg tostada is so simple, fresh, and flavourful.


This suckling pig dish in Spanish tapas joint, The Social House in Tai Hang.


Home cooking at aunties kitchen…My aunts cooking is fantastic. I have no words for classic comfort home cooking! 🙂


Maureen’s (post) Chinese small eatery is great! This simple tomatoes in special marinade stole my heart!


Che’s Dim Sum (post) in Wan Chai serves classic yum cha dishes at affordable prices.


Giando’s (post) Five Cheese Pizza. Just go and try it for yourself. Not for those who doesn’t like cheese…but, who doesn’t? 😉


Petite Oyster’s (post) fresh oysters…YUM!


And last but not least- something dear to me! Butao Ramen’s (post) Red King 赤王 ramen! ‘

And thats just some of the phenomenal eats of 2014!! Can’t wait to see whats in store for 2015!! HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone!!!

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<3 Always, Jess