Check-In Taipei

Check-In Taipei is the newest eatery to open up on Hollywood Road towards the hustle and bustle of Lan Kwai Fang. So one evening 3 hungry people met up for dinner and catchup over “Taiwanese” food and drinks- at the time I went there, they were still acquiring a liquor license. Which they since have acquired. 🙂 The food is contemporary Taiwanese dishes re-created with a fusion twist-featuring different flavours and textures. Overall our meal was $1200 plus for the 3 of us! Not too bad-slightly pricey, since we didn’t order cocktails!


Welcome Drink 🙂 Peach Green Tea. Super refreshing.


Four Cups Chicken: marinated w/ house three cups sauce, quail egg, caramelized leeks, rose wine perfume skewers ($98). I loveeeee eating the traditional version of this dish. So I was a little surprised by the twist of it: but loved eating the mini quail egg and great marination of the chicken.


Beef Taco was one of Check-In Taipei’s signature dishes…and we eventually ordered two plates. At $118 a plate…these marinated beef shanks were served with a juicy fried quail egg, caramalized leeks and spicy pesto sauce all atop a crispy thin green onion pancake. My dinner companions were nice enough to let me have the extra serving! So I had two of these mini babies…but then we ordered another order of these!! TOOOO GOOD!


Fish n’ Squid Sticks: Deep fried homemade fish and squid sticks w/ flying fish roe in a perfectly creamy sweet plum dip and a spicy chilli mayo ($98). The fish was moist and juicy on the inside with a perfect crunchy, slightly sweet batter.


Another signature dish:chicken & waffles’ on the menu. Deep fried fluffy soft waffle, all drizzled with a glistening maple syrup glaze ($128). This was interesting, but it wasn’t my favourite of the bunch. The fried chicken was pretty good, but I wished the piece I got wasn’t as dry. Everyone else seemed to really enjoy this dish though.


Caramel Milk Tea w/ Homemade Pudding ($26) 


Lemon Jade Tea (cold) ($22)


LOVED IT! Black Milk Tea w/ Marshmallow ($24). You let the sweet marshmallow melt and it gets even better…I loved the black milk tea….delicious!


This was a signature dish: ‘Mushroom Forest’ a bowl of assorted deep-fried and sautéed mushrooms blended in with truffle cream and topped with a 63 degree organic Japanese poached egg ($138) I thought this dish was pretty good. But this doesn’t really count as veggies- since all the mushrooms are deep fried. But I really liked the creamy sauce and mix of the crunchy mushrooms.


I was craving some noodles: So my courteous dinner companions let me choose the C.I.T Noodles: House braised meat sauce, rigatoni, crispy basil, 63 degree organic egg and parmesan ($168) For the size of the dish and what it actually is….I personally was a little more disappointed. Nothing wrong with it! The egg and meat sauce were great- but the pasta was bland and just not worth the price.


Ping Pong Balls!! Crisp purple yam with a chewy mochi and creamy parmesan cheese melt filling with sea salt flakes ($98), on a wooden paddle! These babies were pretty darn awesome. But not exactly what I was expecting. I really liked the crisp outer purple yams.

Check-in Taipei 27 Hollywood Rd, Central, 2351 2622



<3 Always, Jess