Delicious Shabu Shabu at Seryna in Ginza, Japan

Absolutely delicious shabu shabu at Seryna in Ginza, Japan. The Seryna group has 3 restaurant branches serving Shabu Shabu and has opened 2 fine dining teppanyaki restaurants as well. KK and I  went to the Ginza Shabu Shabu outlet and splurged on a delicious and decadent shabu shabu feast.

They specialize in mouth watering premium kobe beef (like the one above…more on this in a bit!)

Seryna is one of the registered restaurant of Kobe Beef Marketing and Distribution Promotion Association, where diners know that the kobe beef they are eating is authentic and has a marbling index of 6 and above!

The restaurant is hidden in the basement of Ginza’s Tiffany Building.

Here’s a look at the menu. We went with 2 sets of the Shikisai Dinner- Kobe beef shabu shabu at 18,000 JPY a person! Yikes….definitely not cheap!

A mini veggie starter.

A seasonal sashimi selection.

Assorted seasonal combination. Here’s a closer look at the 3 seasonal appetizers below….

A perfect grilled miso cod. The cod fish was nicely grilled and packed with flavors.

All ready to eat. Multiple dipping sauces to choose from….my mouth is absolutely watering!

A bowl of homemade udon noodles 🙂

And another peak at this glorious plate of kobe beeffffff! The beef was soft, tender, yet fatty with just the right amount of meat and fat ratio. That melt-in-your-mouth texture was superb.

Great date night with KK! 🙂

Last but not least with the set dinner….a nice dessert combo to end the evening with! 🙂

Seryna |Ginza Tiffany Building | B1,2-7-17, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan | (t:) 03-3562-6211

Peace, Jess #seewithjess #eatwithjess