Disneyland: Is it really the Happiest Place on Earth?

Yes it is. Disneyland is my favourite!! 🙂 The Happiest Place on Earth…really is all that. Disneyland is literally a place full of rainbows (ok its not…but you get my drift! Also, this isn’t even a paid post!) I have very fond memories with all things Disney I love the movies (don’t get me started on how much I love the movies), and the Disney Theme parks!! OH MY!! Especially, Disneyland in Anaheim, California: a mere twenty minutes from my home! Something about those Mickey Ears is just simply magical! <3

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Oh sunny California, how I miss thee. (Here we are walking through the neighboring theme park: Disney’s California Adventure! (Which features famous California destinations….like SF, Santa Monica, Hollywood, among many more! They also showcase the history, discovery and culture of California!!)


Take a walk on the boardwalk, and take a whiff of the delicious sourdough bread being freshly baked inside Boudin’s Bakery Tour. (If you complete the brief tour; you see the process of the baked bread being made & every person can walk away with a FREE piece of the bread!) Missing SF (post).

This is just some of the food we ate!


BREAD BOWL!!! Good ol’ creamy, hot clam chowder. You would not believe the line we had to wait to get a bowl. The best part….after scooping out the entire chowder, you can rip off the bread and munch away! Yum Yum.


Look at that close up of that Beautiful-ness.

Back at Disneyland...I HAD to have my Favorite Pasta bowl at RED ROCKETT’S PIZZA PORT in Tomorrow Land! Which is also situated next to my favorite ride, Space Mountain. <3


I looooove this creamy Chicken Fusilli with sun-dried tomatoes and garlic Parmesan cream sauce…its absolutely AMAZING. One of my favorite things ever. Back in my UNI days, I had an annual pass and would make a Disney dinner run, as well as blasting out some rides in the process.


We also had dinner back at California Adventures in the new Cars Land. Some good ol’ American diner grub!


Some dessert to go? No way. This is just some good ol’ Disney treats you can buy! These were magnets! Definitely such a blast. We were so tired after a whole day of fun and food. I’ll be back, Disneyland. But for those planning a trip. Tickets for a day pass cost you upwards of $200 USD! And the food….also just as pricey! Just an FYI! 🙂 So, is Disneyland the happiest place on earth? Well…its not, but it does bring a big smile to me, every single time. I have a special spot for this place.

Disneyland <3

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<3 Always, Jess