Does Wolfgang’s have the best steak in Hong Kong?

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So the real question is Does Wolfgang’s have the best steak in Hong Kong? Wolfgang’s definitely earns a spot on my top 5 steakhouses in Hong Kong list. (Yes, I need to do an updated Top 5 list.)

Wolfgang Zwiener served as the headwaiter in the Peter Lugers Steakhouse for over 4 decades. In 2004, Zwiener finally opened his very own restaurant: the first Wolfgang’s Steakhouse in New York City. Wolfgang’s grew a rapid following as diners fell in love with the delicious taste of Wolfgang’s signature dish: the dry aged steak.

The Hong Kong branch is the 17th Wolfgang’s in the world.

An assortment of homemade bread that came out piping hot. Mmmmmm… but don’t eat too much! There’s a lot more food to come.

A glass of Merlot to go with our scrumptious meal.

Wolfgang’s Salad HK$168. This was quite a big serving. It was enough for the two of us to split and the mix of cold veggies and hot pieces of shrimp and bacon were great! Crisp lettuce, fresh tomatoes, juicy green beans, plump pieces of shrimp and hot crispy, crunchy and thick bacon cuts.

What we came for! The Porterhouse for two (1000g), HK$1,150. USDA Prime, dry aged for an average of 28 days…..and oh my GOD….this did NOT disappoint. The beef was juicy, tender and absolutely delicious. The flavor was intense and smoky. We happily devoured this!

Look at that perfect pink center.

Creamed spinach, HK$95 to go along with this decadent meal.

We also ordered a side of sauteed mushrooms, HK$95.

And their signature dessert…cheesecake to celebrate our anniversary. 🙂 Oh and that cheesecake was fantastic. Creamy, milky and don’t let the picture full you…another very American sized portion- just the way we like it.

We both ordered a Gimlet cocktail before we called it a night! The total bill came to ~HK$2,500 for two people. A little pricy but a delicious dinner and date night with KK. 🙂

Wolfgang’s | 1st Floor, Printing House, No.6 Duddell Street, Central, Hong Kong

Lots of <3, Jess