My Birthday at Hanabi!

My Birthday at Hanabi! Happy 1st birthday to Hanabi as well! This post is also ALMOST a year old!! Last year I went to Hanabi in Knutsford Terrace in TST to celebrate turning another year older. :/ No!!! WHY!!!! Just Kidding.

Here’s to another year older and wiser.


Thank you sissy and Mr. John Rana!!! I LOVEEEEEEEE HANABI!


Chef Michael, a big thank you as well! LETS FEAST!


OMG! Major #foodporn about to happen! 😀 Thank you for creating this special omakase menu set for me 🙂 I am more than thankful!


The appetizers! Super fresh, delicious and mouthwatering.


White fish with yuzu and a nice side fig salad. The white fish was fresh, soft and flavourful.


Toro Tartar with caviar. This was indescribable. It was toooooo toooooo TOOOOOO good. The toro pieces were plump, juicy and perfectly fatty. My mouth is currently watering as I type. The caviar and sauce added an extra special oomph to the entire dish. Loved it!


I totally suck, but I can not seem to remember the name of this fish!


OTORO….. 🙂 I do remember your name though. This beautiful piece of otoro was super tender, sweet and juicy. I love me my Japanese food!!!


Marinated Tuna Sushi. Wow. Another killer piece.


Seared Snapper sushi. I loved the sear on top of the snapper fish- it really brought out the juiciness of the fish as well as the natural oils. Moist, delicious and devoured in one simple gulp.


Otoro Sushi. Oh boy. I am totally being spoiled….I loveeeeeee otoro. (Besides sea urchin- this is my go to sushi pick!)


Sea Urchin sushi. PERFECTION. Pure utter perfection. Look at that masterpiece. It fit so beautifully on top of the sweet rice. I wish I could eat ten of these. Okay, that may be ovverloading. But WOW!


Assortment of Vegetable tempuras, crab meat tempura and shrimp tempura!!! We definitely needed some cooked goodies. And these did not disappoint. We were pretty full by this point but happily continued stuffing ourselves.


Beautiful tamago piece. No….does that mean dinner is almost over?


Delicious ice cream and sorbet trio.


Thanks jie for the awesome birthday cake!! <3


SAKE for everyone!!! Lets drink up.


And of course, thank you to my amazing family for celebrating it with me.


LOL. Yes, Chef Michael got creative and created me this awesome tuna/toro sushi cake as well! LOVE IT. Thank you so so much! Thanks again to John, his team, Hanabi and my family!!!

Hanabi | 4/F, 6 Knutsford Terrace, Tsim Sha Tsui |2723 2568

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Lots of <3, Jess