HK to SF- Airplane Eats

So, I’m incredibly jet lagged- good thing for my blog- cranking out countless drafts today, but bad thing for my body- probably going to tire out very soon….!!! I’m currently in the lounge in TPE waiting for my flight back to HK! So I thought it was only fitting to include this post….:)))) Airplane food is infamous for not being so good…BUT I’m going to have to say Eva Air surprised me! On my way to SF for the holiday…’s a look into my airplane eats.


Before I left for HK! I shot a ZCOOP Interview..which is on newstands in HK now… go get your copy, peeps! Check out!  Makeup by: Little White 小白! Hair:Johnny @iL Colpo!


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We start with the first meal…..


Chicken Stir Fry, Fragrant Fried Rice, Side of vegetables, salad, dinner roll and a diet coke 😉


Eva Air serves Din Tai Fung (post)!?!?!! SAY WHAT???? Yup…..They do.


Din Tai Fung’s Spicy Shrimp and Pork Wonton…. 🙂 Delicious. I feel like I’m actually eating in the restaurant.


Dessert: Fruits- Guava, apples, and cantaloupe and a hot squishy red bean mochi cake…terrible description.. But boy, was it GOOD!

Three hours before we landed….our ‘breakfast/dinner’ was served…!!


Taiwanese porridge with various side dishes! Egg pancakes, veggies, pork floss…Mmmm. Mix it all in and you have some pretty darn good congee!


A look at the menu.


After a 11 hour flight…..WE are HERE!!!! We finally land in SF!! And our first stop….


An Italian feast at Osteria Coppa in San Mateo! Oh boy….Get ready for some amazing SF Treats…… 😉


Uber group Prive has clubs, bars, delicious restaurants like Common Room (post) and Masu (post)...and now this Beauty Bazaar!? Come out and support!!! AWESOME!!! I’m excited for this…along with lots of work this week!! Cmmn…fight the jet lag!! 😀

<3 Always, Jess