Jamie’s Italian

Over the past two decades- Jamie Oliver has became arguably one of the most well known celebrity chefs throughout the world. So it was to no surprise when Jamie’s Italian opened up in the new foodie haven, Soundwill Plaza in CWB. Oliver first opened Jamie’s Italian in Oxford in 2008- and now totals over 30 restaurants across the globe. The restaurant was MUCH buzzed about- budget friendly, hearty big Italian fare and a big name to boost. So it was again, absolutely no surprise the massive lines queuing up to try it when it first opened (with lines totaling more than 4 HOURS. I’m going to have to say…HUH!?!?!?!? No way, would I be able to wait four hours…for anything!)


Spacious, cool, interior- buzzing with people! Finally one Sunday evening; after watching a movie, close to 10pm at night…. (we were told we would still have to wait about 45-1 hr…OMG!) we did manage to try out the much hyped up place….


Menu is straight forward! Looked promising! But…was it? Find out soon enough….


Italian Spiced Chicken Wings $75. Free Range wings w/ a smoked & spicy tomato Sauce. Nothing spectacular about this. The chicken was actually kind of cold on the inside. The best thing though was definitely the spicy tomato sauce- which wasn’t really spicy…but delicious!


Crab & Avocado Bruschetta $70. Toasted Sourdough, fresh crab, ricotta, avocado, apple, lemon & chilli..This was another meh dish. The crab meat was very under seasoned and the bruschetta was hard to split without making a mess of the crab and other medley on top of it.


Burger Italiano $135 Chargrilled beef burger w/ melted Fontina Cheese, sweet tomato, salsa, chili and a crispy fried onions- $180 w/ fries. This was my favorite of the bunch. The burger was HUGE. It was hard to split without making a mess. I also loveeeed the crispy thin cut fries we added to the dish. The fries were even better than the burger.


Fresh Crab Spaghettini $90 (for half portion) w/ capers, chilli, fennel, parsley, anchovies & lemon. This pasta dish was recommended to us. But it was honestly a miss :/ The pasta sauce was absolutely water-y (not sauce-y in any way)…which was a big minus for me. :/

Sadly, long lines doesn’t amount to the best type of food. Some dishes were under seasoned, watery, and just not that good. The price point is good- but still needs a bit of work. Jamie’s Italian is sure to have people going still…but overall, I don’t think I’ll be heading back…

Jamie’s Italian 2/F, Soundwill Plaza II, Midtown, 1 Tang Lung St, Causeway Bay, 3958 2223



<3 Always, Jess