Langosteria is one of the best dinners in Milan, Italy

Hi readers! KK and I have been in Europe so please excuse my lack-there-of posts. 🙂 Get ready for more #seewithjess blog posts though… starting with this delicious meal in Milan!

We ventured out of Central/ Downtown Milan for dinner at Langosteria. It is one of the top seafood restaurants in the city and Langosteria is one of the best dinners in Milan, Italy that we have had. Langosteria’s atmosphere is VERY hip. The space is un-missable. As soon as you walk in, music’s current top hits plays loudly in the restaurant. It’s dimly lit, very cool and definitely on the fancier side. What is the restaurant known for? Well, it’s in the name: seafood. Very fresh and delicious seafood at that.

We start the night with two glasses of red wine recommended by the waitress. A hearty and big bread basket is placed in front of us as we wait for our dishes to arrive. KK orders a mix of Langosteria’s signature dishes and I try extremely hard not to give in to the tantalizing bread basket. I couldn’t resist….2-3 pieces are happily devoured by me!

They bring over the amuse bouche first. A yellow zucchini cream with mashed cod for us to start with. The yellow zucchini cream is sweet and smooth while the mashed cod provides a nice salty balance to it. From this starter, we already knew Langosteria was a winner.

The first dish arrives and is their signature ‘Pappa al Pomodoro (tomato and bread soup) and sautéed clams, 12 euro. The dish is not your quintessential tomato soup as the soup is really thick (probably from all the mashed bread pieces) but was flavorful, tarty and nicely different.

Within seconds the Langoustines, red prawns and cacciaroli squids tempura with wasabi mayonnaise, 30 euro is placed right before our eyes. Wow, oh wow. This dish did not disappoint. Each piece had a fine, light tempura batter with fresh and juicy seafood on the inside. We happily devoured the entire plate. They didn’t skimp on the portion size either- it’s big!

For our main we split the Catalana style king crab (3/4 portion for 35 euro). This was flavorful and divine. We ordered the 3/4 portion to split and it was MORE than enough. The king crab meat was so juicy and I loved the tomato based sauce accompanying this dish.

The pasta course was the extremely delicious orecchiette with broad bean puree, shellfish and seafood, 23 euro. This was one of my favorite pasta dishes throughout my Milan trip. The texture of the orecchiette pasta was on point and blended perfectly with the assorted seafood! LOVED THIS!

For dessert we ordered a soft cake with ice cream and berries doused in a sweet cream sauce recommended by our waitress. By this point, I was extremely stuffed. I still managed to have a small bite though.

KK and I both really enjoyed this dinner! Heavily recommend giving this place a visit when you are in Milan. Simply FANTASTICO! 

Langosteria Via Savona, 10, 20144 Milano MI, Italy | Booking on their site

Lots of <3, Jess