Limewood in Repulse Bay, Hong Kong is the newest buzziest restaurant opening up. Situated in the spacious Pulse shopping center, Limewood sits pretty right near the front of the Repulse Bay beach! When I got invited for a tasting. I really couldn’t say no! Limewood is another one of the ever expanding empire of Maximal Concepts. The people behind the  Blue Butcher, Brick House, Double D, Fish & Meat, and Mott 32 just to name a few.

Best of the meal…there were a lot but…


These churros… take the cake! 😉


This refreshing cucumber cooler cocktail, with Astrolabe sauvignon blanc, aged rum and cucumber $110 is really strong but the perfect start to our lunch tasting.


SPICY YELLOW FIN TUNA CEVICHE $130 w/ cucumber relish, yuzu aioli. This was terrific. The mix between the cucumber relish, yuzu aioli sauce mixed with the fresh tuna ceviche was great. There’s a soft spice to it! Love the light spicy-ness and creaminess of this dish.


COMPRESSED WATERMELON SALAD $95,Thai basil, toasted peanuts, mint, cherry tomato, radish. This was an interesting dish. Nice cold refreshing start with a kick of spice.


PORK SKIN CHICHARRON GUACAMOLE $120 Avocado, ikura, sea urchin, tortilla chips. These were a different take on nachos- I prefer the more cheesy types of nachos, but this was pretty good.


Close up of the PORK SKIN CHICHARRON GUACAMOLE! Look at all the pretty colours and textures! I quite like their take on the nacho- and well portion controlled!


Thai Styled BBQ Chicken Wings $95, lemongrass honey sweet chili glaze…these were nice and tasty! Packed full of BBQ and the chicken wings stayed juicy on the inside.


Just a portion of the starters that we got to taste!


The bartenders made me a strawberry infused cocktail drink that was delicious!! So refreshing!


Caribbean version of jerked coconut corn $75. Smothered in spicy sriracha mayo and sprinkled with toasted sweet coconut bits. I loved this! The coconut bits really helped bring out the sweetness of the corn!


DEEP FRIED WHOLE SNAPPER THAI STYLE $330 with lemongrass, kaffir lime, scallion, and green peppercorn. The whole snapper was really juicy and moist. There was a nicely light fried batter and mixed well with all the Thai flavours.


24HR CHARRED BEEF RIBS $460. Mango infused BBQ sauce, toasted sesame seeds & cilantro. I definitely preferred this over the fish. The beef ribs were perfect and huge! (Definitely a sharing platter!)


Soooooo big! Can’t wait to dig in.


Close up of the 24HR CHARRED BEEF RIBS when you slice it. Look at all the fat….and meat. Oh My GOSH. This was sooooo juicy and I loved the perfectly grilled beef ribs and the smokey-ness of the ribs.

Dessert was one of my favourites!!! Churros w/ salted caramel sauce, I LOVEEEEEE churros. This reminds me of home and I actually loved how hard and crunchy the churro was, this was the perfect amount of sweetness.


🙂 Perfect ending!

I went another time and was JUST as smitten with the churros and the FISH TACO!!! I’ll definitely be back.


We ordered another plate of churros last time…. It was too good!


Yummy fish tacos! Digging the vibe of this beachside eatery!! <3

Limewood, Shop 103/104, The Pulse, 28 Beach Road, Repulse Bay, Hong Kong. 2866 8668

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<3 Always, Jess