Nate Green and Yenn Wong’s new hit: Rhoda

Nate Green and Yenn Wong’s new hit: Rhoda opens up in Sai Ying Pun, Western District. Rhoda is the newest buzzy restaurant from foodie giant, Yenn Wong. This time around, Yenn pairs up with the head chef of 22 Ships to open this spacious, fun and delicious restaurant. It’s also pretty close to Fish School (another Yenn Wong establishment that’s also just as spacious, fun and delicious.)


Rhoda HK has been garnering a lot of buzz and recently just soft opened! I went with Dani, another foodie to see what all the fuss was about. We arrived and were immediately seated in front of Chef Green. I have to say, I got a lil’ starstruck. I’m a big fan of 22 Ships and Chef Green’s cooking skills were on point.


We were immediately served their delicious home made beer bread with truffle butter and a perfect plate of lotus root chips with a super addictive chicken liver dipping cream, HK$38.


Let’s take another look at this perfect plate of lotus root chips with the super addictive chicken liver dipping cream, HK$38!! Seriously so good. We could not stop eating these. I loved how fine and delicate the lotus chips were. They had the perfect crunch, crisp and crackle with each bite. And, let’s not forget about the crazy good dipping cream! <3 Great combo.


Love me some Bloody Mary!! I had 2 over the course of my dinner. The cocktail menu is pretty straight forward (with 5 signature drinks) but they have an extensive wine menu!


Slow cooked Octopus, cucumber, mint, pickled shallot, HK$138. The octopus had a great char on them- it was tender, succulent and crunchy. I loved the fresh cucumber, mint and pickled shallot mix that came with this dish.


Chef Nate Green in action. Just look at that beautiful open kitchen!


Chicken wings glazed with Xeres vinegar, HK$98! Holy moly, these were good. I really liked the vinegar marinade. The chicken wings were plump, juicy and savory.


Wild Hereford ox cheek, carrots, star anise, HK$228. The ox cheek was oh sooooo tender. Each bite was hearty, thick and absolutely delicious. Gosh, I like everything here. I’m definitely coming back.


Mum’s Potato Salad, HK$68. This potato salad was anything but ordinary. Each bite was creamy, smooth and oh so flavorful. #Devouredeasily

We tried all the desserts on the menu thanks to Chef Nate Green!!


Vanilla cheesecake, rhubarb, yamamomo, HK$108. Holy mother of cheesecakes! The vanilla cheesecake had the perfect graham cracker crumbly crust and the cheesecake was milky, smooth and velvety. I loveeeeeeeeed it.


Chocolate, mint and marshmallow, HK$98. The marshmallows and chocolate crumble were really good but out of all the desserts, this was my least favorite (and it’s only because I liked everything else sooooo much more!)


Ginger Biscuit Trifle, HK$78. This was Dani’s favorite dessert. The sharp ginger taste was terrific. It mixed in beautifully with the different flavors and textures of this dessert.


Summer Berries, cherry granita, lemon creme fraiche, HK$98 was definitely MY FAVORITE!! Oh gosh, I don’t know what Chef Nate Green put in this. But it was spot on. The summer berries were super sweet, chilled and fresh. I loved the silky lemon creme fraiche on top. Such a delicious ending.

I’ll definitely be back to try the rest of the menu! (It also will be changing every once in a while….so definitely worth coming back for!) Everything was sooo sooo good. Yenn Wong does it again. And, so does Chef Nate Green. Definitely worth the calories. 😉

Rhoda | G/F, Upton, 345 Des Voeux Road West, Sai Ying Pun, Western District 


Lots of <3, Jess