Oyster C

Oyster C. This is an OLD post. But one, I’m very much oh so passionate about!! Cause its all about that bass uni, about that bass uni, about that bass uni!  (Oh, that is one catchy song). For those who may not know what uni (or the literal meaning: sea urchin) is…here’s a little background information about these beauties from the deep blue sea.



Ahh, the beautiful prized and pricey delicacy!

  • Sea urchins also known as sea hedgehogs.
  • The outside is hard prickly, and spiny but they are most well known for their luscious & creamy roe that lies inside.
  • The creamy roe, also known as gonads is the only edible part of the sea urchin!
  • There are over 700 known species of sea urchin worldwide.


Oyster C’s specialty: the UNI!!! Look at this big beautiful bed of perfectly creamy sweet deliciousness.


Its hard to describe this beautiful mess. Its strongly sweet and salty, creamy, has this distinct taste (which I’m having trouble describing)- but its heavenly! Oyster C also gives you a choice of seaweed, zucchini or cucumber to go with the sea urchin.


Black Truffle and Crabmeat Paste w/ Garlic Bread, $90. OK, bad picture. BUT gooooood stuff. Creamy, cheesy with a strong black truffle taste. I loved the plump crab meat bits too. Perfect atop a hot piece of crunchy, crispy garlic toast.


Close up of this LOVELY-ness!!! Sorry for the grainy pics. Old iphone! 😉 I’m telling you. It’s a very old post.


I devoured the uni….We also ordered oysters (not pictured!) It was so good…

I WENT BACK another night the same week!


One box down!!!


So, we ordered ANOTHER!!!!! Two boxes of this goodness….WOW… Love these babies so much!


I loved the sharp uni over the zucchini and cucumber sticks!! So gooood.


Instead of the oysters, we ordered the KING CRAB!!!


So much roe-goodness. Oyster C, I am impressed with you! So fresh and sweet too! Its a bit on the pricier side- Things do add up!


A scallop linguini pasta in a simple garlic, olive oil based sauce. Very nice! But I definitely preferred their seafood alternatives!


Love you, Uni!! <3 Make sure you call and reserve. Usually full. Also, they do BYOB with no corkage fee! Of course, with all the fresh seafood- their food does add up!

Oyster C, 2/F North Point Asia-Pacific Comm. Centre, No. 10 North Point Road, North Point, 2834 7748

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<3 Always, Jess