Ramen at Men- Shou Taketora in Roppongi

Hello everyone! So I’m currently a bit under the weather with a cold and stayed in on this beautiful day in Japan. Instead of spending all of my time in bed watching Netflix- I decided to blast out a blog post on my first meal in Japan this trip.

I landed into Tokyo late Thursday afternoon and after unpacking a bit, Elaine and I went to explore our nearby hood for some much craved about ramen noodles.

Elaine and I walked around the neighborhood a bit before finally settling on Men-Shou Taketora (they have a few branches throughout Japan.) This place is slightly more expensive than the other restaurants around the area. It’s nicely decorated, with a very polite staff and super spacious! We went in around 6pm so had no problem grabbing a seat.

We were taken to a private booth by the bar area and they quickly give you a bowl of these really addictive crackers for you to enjoy.

The staff doesn’t seem to speak much English but luckily the menu has some English and pictures. We quickly ordered and awaited our ramen meals!

TADA! This is nooo joke. The bowls are freaking huge. They give you two separate spicy sauces (which we both added into our noodles!)

I went with the Toradare miso ramen (820 JPY ~HK$60) with extra seaweed and egg (additional 100 JPY each.)

That broth was sooooooooo good. The ramen noodle texture was this thick, bouncy and soaked up the rich broth. The pork meat was plump, fatty and juicy. I just wished for an extra piece. I tried really hard not to eat everything up…and that took some major will power!

The whole meal for the both of us came out to under 2400 JPY ~ HK$172. It’s really affordable.

I’ll definitely be back to this place before I leave. Make sure you don’t come at peak lunch/dinner hours- I walked by another time to find the line out the door. Also, make sure you drink a lotttt of water- I was really bloated the next morning!

Men – Shou Taketora | Roppongi 314 Building 1F, 3 Chome−14−14, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Peace, Jess #seewithjess #eatwithjess