Shanghai Lao Lao

For those who don’t know, I’m half Shanghainese. And I absolutely LOVEEEEEE eating Shanghainese food. Ever since I was a little girl, I would be peering over at the stove and stealing bits and pieces of the delicious Shanghainese home cooking that my grandma and grandpa would whip up in the kitchen. It was always my favorite thing…watching them cook (and of course finally eating it!) Hong Kong has a lot of great food and now there’s an easy, delicious and fast Shanghainese spot for us hungry diners to go eat at.  Lucky us because Shanghai Lao Lao |上海姥姥 is scattered in 6 stores (and growing) all throughout Hong Kong. I was lucky enough to go try out the Kennedy Town branch on North Street!

大家可能不知道,其實我是半個上海人,而且非常喜歡上海菜。當我還是小女孩的時候,我會伏在灶上偷吃外婆做好的小點心。看著她們下廚(當然包括吃掉煮好的美食!是我當時最喜歡做的事。身在美食之都香港,現在就有一個上海菜品牌讓我們一班「餓鬼」享受美味又快捷的上海菜—上海姥姥,現時就有六間分店 (將來還有更多)遍佈全港。今次我就有幸到其位於北街的堅尼地城分店試吃!


I got to Shanghai Lao Lao around 6:40pm to see it filled with a sea of people. A line was already queuing outside. I got lucky, Alice came a bit earlier and snagged a spot in front of the open show kitchen (where you can see all the action happen.) Fresh, homemade noodles being made, piping hot xiao long baos being pulled from the steamers and delicious desserts being whipped up right before your eyes!

我到達上海姥姥的時候大概下午6:40,當時店內已經坐無虛席,店外還有一條長龍。 幸好Alice早到了,還坐到對著開放式廚房(可以看到師傅們手)的位置。新鮮的手製拉麵和剛出籠的小籠包就正好在你眼前!


We immediately ordered an assortment of small bites, fried goodies and hot, homemade Shanghainese favorites. We started with the signature Pan Fried Scallion Pancakes for ONLY HK$30!!!! #Socheap ! I loved the crunchy and crispy pan fried wrap. This came out piping hot and was immediately devoured.

我們立刻點了一系列的小吃、炸物和各種手製的上海菜。我們先從招牌的蔥油餅開始—只是HK$30#太便宜了!我喜歡它鬆脆的外皮。 新鮮出爐還是熱騰騰的,就被我們「消滅」了。


Pan-fried Pork Dumplings for HK$35 were also gulped down. The outer skin had this perfect crackling and super meaty, juicy and tender filling. Loved this.



My favorite dish, ever. Steamed Pork Dumplings (Xiao Long Baos) HK$35. I couldn’t believe how delicately thin the wrapper was. It perfectly enveloped the juicy meaty center. I devoured these piping hot babies and only wanted more!

我向來的摯愛—小籠包HK$35。 表皮難以置信的薄,完美地包著肉汁濃郁的餡料,迅速把它們一口吃掉後還想叫多一籠!

We also ordered an appetizer platter for HK$85 that features 3 dishes of your choice!



A classic! The marinated chicken in Hua Diao Wine, HK$62 was refreshing with a light kick that enhanced the tender, juicy flavors of the chicken.

醉雞(原份HK$62) 的淡淡酒香提升了雞肉的軟滑,非常清新!


I really liked the marinated Pork Knuckles in Hua Diao Wine, HK$62! The skin had this great bouncy and strong chewy texture that I really enjoyed.

那道醉豬手 HK$62實在很得我歡心! 豬皮富有彈性又有嚼勁,這種口感我真的很喜歡!


The last dish we picked for our appetizer platter was the assorted mushrooms wrapped with crispy bean curd sheets, HK$52. I’ve always liked this dish. It has a mix of mushrooms enveloped in crispy and crunchy bean curd sheets. Nice, healthy and light appetizer.



Braised Bean Curd & Minced Pork in Chilli Sauce, HK$52 (better known as Spicy MaPo Tofu)! It packed just the right amount of punch, kick and heat. I loved the spicy minced pork sauce! It went terrific with a bit of the soft tofu cubes. Loved this.

麻婆豆腐 HK$52!色香味俱全!我喜歡那款肉醬,配上軟豆腐簡直一絕!


Deep fried pork chop (spare ribs) for the win!! These babies were succulent, delicious and did I say deep fried? Absolutely delicious!

手製排骨深得我心! 酥炸的排骨香口美味,極品!


The signature noodles in spicy sesame and peanut sauce, HK$46. This bowl of noodles was huge. We split it three ways and still had a bit left over. I loved the spicy sesame soup base which went really well with the nutty and sweet peanut sauce. Great balance.



We were stuffed after all that food! But, somehow we still knew…we couldn’t say no to desserts! We went with the Chinese Wolfberry and Osmanthus Cake, HK$28 which was a nice, light and refreshing jelly dessert!

吃完這些我們都飽到在吃不下了……但是我們無法拒絕甜品的誘惑! 我們先吃了杞子桂花糕HK$28, 輕盈又清新的甜品!


Simply LOVED this! The glutinous rice dumplings with black sesame paste filling, HK$32….Soooo delicious. The glutinous mochi outer layer was perfect.

太喜歡! 雷沙湯圓HK$32…味道太好了。糯米做成的湯圓皮很完美。


Look at that oozing black sesame paste! Loved it. Perfect ending. 🙂

看那快要漏出來的芝麻餡!很完美的結束了這一餐 J

I loved the vibe at Shanghai Lao Lao. I’ll definitely be back to try out all my faves! Do yourselves a favor and try out this lovely spot!! <3 Super affordable and delicious!!

我很喜歡上海姥姥的氛圍, 一定會找時間再去吃一遍我喜歡的菜式! 強烈推薦大家也去試一下!!<3 超級抵食又好吃!!

Shanghai Lao Lao| 上海姥姥 |Shop F&G, G/F, Kin Liong Mansion, 16-30 North Street, Kennedy Town, Western District | (tel:) 852 2470 5581

Shanghai Lao Lao│上海姥姥│堅尼地城北街1630號建隆樓地下FG店│電話+852 2470 5581


Lots of <3, Jess