Shiki Zen

Shiki Zen is occupying the former space that was once Sushi To by Harlan Goldstein (here’s a post about one of Harlan’s places: Comfort!) I’ve been to both and I’ve gotta say- I’m quite into the new space 🙂 Shiki Zen is known for their hot soothing bowl of udon noodles as well as some other easy Japanese options.


I stopped by the Star Wars exhibit in Times Square, CWB too that night! 🙂 “I promise you Mr. Storm Trooper. I won’t waste ANY food!!!!”

When I stepped into Shiki Zen, I was surprised to find out they offered a semi- buffet selection too! Woo Hoo, I wanted to try their signature udon noodles- so I went with the buffet selection and home made Udon with seafood in sticky tomato soup for $480!


Buffet Goodies. I went back several times for seconds, thirds, fourths, and fifths… 😉

I do love me a good BUFFET!!!


Endless amount of oysters and mussels. I went back a lot for these!!


Sushi rolls and sashimi!!!


The dessert selection…. a little on the weak side.


A teppanyaki station with foie gras, chicken and more!!


Tempuras and cooked goodies galore!


My first plate…(I didn’t take pictures of most of my plates! I was a bit too hungry.)


Mmmm 🙂 California Rolls!


They also gave us a bunch of sushi choices: scallops, octopus, seared salmon and uni to name a few!


My udon noodles finally arrived and I was REALLY disappointed. The soup base was good, there were a lot of seafood- but the udon noodles itself was super starchy and somewhat undercooked? I was happy about the service, space and endless options of easy foods at the semi buffet- but was definitely disappointed by their “signature” udon noodles.

Shiki Zen | 29/F, Soundview Plaza 2 – Midtown, 1-29 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay | 2970 3218


Lots of <3, Jess