Spiga Makes a Splash in Central

Spiga takes up the enormous space that was vacated by the restaurant Lupa by Mario Batali. The new chef is none other than Italy’s very celebrated chef: Enrico Bartolini (who is also Italy’s youngest holder of 2 Michelin stars.) This will be Bartolini’s first foray outside of Italy. The beautifully grand space has been completely revamped and designed by Joyce Wang who has an impressive resume from working on Ammo, Rhoda and Mott 32 to name a few. Spiga should make a splash…so does it? Okay. I’m giving it away early- it does.

As we walked in- I noticed an outside area where tons of people were getting drinks (definitely coming back for that as well!)

Just look at this decor. Joyce Wang does it again. There’s a bunch of vintage sports pieces hanging all around the restaurant, plush booth seats and gleaming wood tables. The fam and I went one evening for a fun impromptu dinner.

Our amuse bouche. The taste was super fresh, clean and crisp.

I’ll just tell you now…the food is absolutely delicious but definitely on the pricier side because of the smaller portion sizes. But other than that...incredibly happy with this awesome meal.

Beef Carpaccio on crispy crackers with rocket, Grana Padano cheese and black truffle, HK$198. These bite sized beef carpaccio pieces were soooooo good. I wanted to demolish so many more.

Calamari | Deep fried baby squid and artichokes with house made lemon mayonnaise, HK$188. The calamari were so addictive- with a gentle, lightly fried batter encasing the pieces of baby squid.

Linguini with Sicilian red prawn and green asparagus, HK$258. We all took a small spoonful and the pasta dish was…. already all gone. Nicely executed pasta dish but wished for more.

Housemade Tagliatelle with white chicken ragout and black truffle, HK$248. This pasta didn’t sound like it would be too good…but was actually better than the prawn linguini. The homemade tagliatelle pasta was fresh, light and perfect. The white chicken ragout sauce was rich and flavorful. We gobbled this right up.

Grilled Black Angus Tenderloin w/ potatoes millefuille and “Crudaiola” sauce $358. Perfect sear and I kid you not…it melts in your mouth. The black angus tenderloin is so easily cut and absolutely delicious! The only thing is we all just wanted more of it.

Pan-fried pork chop “Milanese” with cherry tomatoes, HK$288. This pan fried pork chop was also pretty good. It had a great crunch and crackle to the batter and the pork chop meat was super juicy.

Pizza with Parma Ham, tomato, and buffalo mozzarella cheese, HK$218. The pizza was pretty good but we were all pretty full by this point- could only stomach one cheesy, hot slice!

Lemon curd tart with raspberries and almonds, HK$98. Lovely!

Traditional Tiramisu, HK$98  looooooooved this.

I loved the food, terrific service but was only disappointed by the price and portion size! Everything else…spot on. I’ll still definitely come back.

Spiga | LHT Tower Podium, 3/F, Central | 2871 0055 

 Lots of <3, Jess