Tsui Wah. Hong Kong. Must Eat.

Tsui Wah. Hong Kong. Must Eat. (The title pretty much sums up this article!) For any friends, visitors coming to Hong Kong- this chain is hard to skip out on. Tsui Wah is a mainstay in my books. The food and drinks aren’t spectacular but something about Tsui Wah adds up and makes it everything you crave for, and more. You know what you’re going to get. Just like good ol’ Mickey D’s…this is just a place I always can go back to over and over again. After a post hike session with the sister and cousins, we ended up at The Peak’s Tsui Wah branch!! Woo Hoo. Lets feast.


How can anyone pass up the buttery, condensed milk goodness that are drizzled over these two pieces of oh so good crispy bun!!!! (I didn’t eat any this time..but looking at this picture makes me think, how could I have not eaten it!?!?!?)


Jie ordered the hainan chicken rice. I’m not the biggest fan of Tsui Wah’s hainan chicken rice but she seemed to like it (or was really famished…because it got devoured!)


My cousin Charles ordered this delectable looking plate of noodles. It smelled so bomb. I love black bean sauce and they didn’t skimp on the black bean sauce…. 🙂


Curry and a super crispy pork cutlet goodness over a plate of rice. Ummm, hell yeah! 😉 Tsui Wah serves simple, comforting, and easy Chinese and Western dishes.


Last but not least. MINE. I had this delicious Baked Pork chop rice drenched in yummy tomato sauce (ketchup?) and a lot of CHEEEEEEESE. YUMMMMMMM!!!!! Killed this.

Tsui Wah | Shop 1A, G/F, The Peak Galleria, 118 Peak Road, The Peak | 2849 2345

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Lots of <3, Jess