Love is in the Air

Love, Love, L O V E . Four letters. One big meaning. It just meansVALENTINE’S DAY is right around the corner..well happy early valentine’s day! For those of you who know what you’ll be doing for Valentine’s Day: good job!!!  Early birds, good planning ;)…but feel free to continue reading an entertaining blog post. For those of you who HAVEN’T decided on your plans. You can read my previous Valentine’s Post AND have NO FEAR! Cause, I’M HERE! (To help you, of course!) This post can be good for any time….not just Valentine’s Day!

Lets get started, people!


One of the best ways to get to know your date better? A nice leisurely stroll through the streets of Sheung Wan, taking pictures of landmark spaces: like Western Market 🙂


A Coffee date might cut the pressure and help keep things light! 🙂 And who doesn’t like the caffeine rush, and cute coffee shops?


For Valentine’s Day- if your sweetheart likes to eat sweets 😉 well get them that! Spoil them with chocos, goodies and other surprises!


The night is your oyster!!!


A beautiful set tasting menu from The Principal is perfect for VDAY. It takes the pressure off all the ordering and deciding and leaves everyone (except maybe your wallet) happy! 🙂 JK!


Japanese Food always makes for a perfect date!! Go for oysters, uni sushi, & lots of sake while you chat with your date at the sushi bar 🙂 Uni Sushi, from ROZAN.


Fine dining at Caprice with lots of champagne, flower petals, and a great view make for a beautiful Valentine’s day! VERY PRICEY, though.


If you are the more low key couple! How about some good ol’ comfort food from Triple O’s. This will settle any comfort craving!


Taking in the night skyline. Riding that ferris wheel. Pretty darn romantic! 🙂


Dress down and go to your favourite Cha Chan teng! Relax and eat good ol’ Macanese food. And if you guys are feeling adventurous- why not ride that ferry over to MACAU!!! Gamble away and try your luck!! You might come back a millionaire! 🙂 (Photo taken in Shun Tak Centre.)


Go DESSERT crazy!! Go for some afternoon tea and splurge on some major sugar high!!


Or really settle in and get some fresh ingredients for a night in! Cook your date a meal they won’t forget…

Last but not least,


GO on a trip!! 😉 TRAVEL!!!!!!


If you guys are up for an adventure! Sign up for this weekend’s GAMEMASTERS game!!!

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HAVE A GREAT VALENTINES DAY!!!! Need anymore date ideas? 😉

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<3 Always, Jess