W Hotel, Taipei

As you know, Eat with Jess is also a travel and lifestyle blog! Airplane food (posts), Shanghai Trips (post) , San Fran (post), Vegas (Post) among many more! Well, I try to be! 😉 I do need to travel a bit more. So here’s an oldie post about The Kitchen in the ever popular W Hotel in Taipei Taiwan! A fun, luxe and modern 5 Star hotel- W lies in the heart of the cosmopolitan CBD in Taipei. I went for a weekend of bliss, health, and most importantly food! The room was fabulous- the food, oh my! Love you Taipei! 


After a very good workout in the hotel…we went down to feast on breakfast!!!


Around 9am, the countless buffet bars were buzzing with people and so much good food!


Loving this bread counter bar!


You betcha- I piled these babies on my plate(s)!


Yogurt and fresh juices!! <3


Cold Cuts, pickles, jams!!


First plate….


Second plate…and so many more! We got breakfast twice during our stay! But I only photographed from my first trip!


Last but not least-the coolest honey station! <3 That’s all folks, for now! Will be posting more travel, lifestyle and foodie posts!! <3

W, The Kitchen, 10 Zhongxiao East Road Sec. 5, Xinyi District, Taipei, 110 Taiwan

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<3 Always, Jess